Get To Know Da YoungFellaz, NYC’s best Hip-Hop Duo

New York City is and always will be the mecca of Hip-Hop. Many artists from the industry have pinpointed the rare collaborative spirit that NYC has shown especially since the rise of Atlanta music. Sho-Biz and Jay Storm, collectively known as Da YoungFellaz have risen to great heights together by staying pure and open to any opportunity that presents itself. In our interview, you will see that although they are a group, both artists have a voice and opinion of their own. They have worked with Hip-Hop legends like Rockwilder, Erick Sermon, Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle during their extraordinary career. Amassing over 2,000,000+ streams to date, they have had a great run since 2012 and do not plan on stopping anytime soon. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to hear more about New Rich Entertainment’s hottest duo. Check my interview with the underground international sensation Da YoungFellaz below.

Ahmad: What made you all decide to rap together as a group?

Biz: Being amongst the best in our high school, our friend V Money (Rest In peace) decided to start a trio of us called MLB, and after his passing, we wanted to keep the group going and became a duo.

Storm: The chemistry and energy were on point, every time we got on the record together it just felt like it was getting better & better, fast. Fast forward to now, and we’re hands down two of the best to ever do it. Good judgment call.

Ahmad: Being from NYC has its pros and cons I’m sure! Can you speak to how you all’s hometown has helped or hindered you?

Biz: Being from NY teaches you how to deal with all kinds of criticism, the good and the bad. So you have to have tough skin, especially in this field because if you’re not fire, believe me, the CITY will LET YOU KNOW, Lol.

Storm: Our hometown has helped us more than hinder us for sure, you get your tools sharp working out of this city, like Biz said, the criticism is honest, sometimes brutal, but if you understand how to maneuver, it puts you and keeps you on point. Wouldn’t wanna be from any other place.

Ahmad: You all are big on being unapologetic about who you are? Where do you think that mentality came from?

Biz: Honestly, we are who we are, and we Own that shit you know? You either love us or hate us … But I promise if you listen you’ll love us lol

Storm: Yeah, understanding who we are and just being ourselves is something that’s never been forced, all our friends and we are different amongst each other, but relate on so many different levels at the same time. Might be a millennial thing.

Ahmad: How do you all find yourself carving a place in an industry that seems opposite of what you all represent?

Biz: I think dope music is dope music so people will gravitate towards what we create…  We are the bridge between the 90s Boom bap & the Trap .. All Pun intended!

Storm: I wouldn’t say it’s the polar opposite, we deliver a bit more authenticity than the average these days. We’ve decided to sit in that gray area between the ’90s and Trap music intentionally. It’s a good space to sit in, we compliment both sides of the spectrum, there’s two of us, and creatively we can paint the picture from two angles. Throw some soulful samples over some trap drums, and then deliver that vibe the people want to hear.

Ahmad: Freestyling is something you both do well. Do you think freestyles are still as vital as they used to be in the past? Also, which freestyle do you all think is your best?

Biz: To me, freestyles are very important; it’s like the dunk contest you feel me? It gives you a chance to show off you get to do things you might not do on a record, making songs is like playing a full game, but on freestyles, I try to go bar after bar after bar just straight punches.

Storm: I agree with Biz, Freestyling is just for bragging rights, to show you’re all-around game. The real challenge is in shaping the sound. All of them are my favorites, lol.

Ahmad: You all worked with hip-hop legends like Snoop, Erick Sermon, and Nipsey Hussle! Is there anyone else you all look forward to collaborating with?

Biz: Working with those legends was amazing, but if I could work with anyone else it would be the legends like Red Man & Method Man, Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, Jada and Styles, The Clipse. It’s honestly way too many to name.

Storm: Biz pretty much summed it up, he probably left out Outkast, if they ever got back together, honestly any duo if they got back together, we’re with all the smoke. Any pair still together. Let’s let people hear great music. All collaborators are welcome. Let’s keep pushing music forward.

Ahmad: What does 2019 look like for Da YoungFellaz?

Biz: 2019 we planned to attack and keep our feet on the necks, We plan on dropping hella content, as well as growing the 90s Vs. Trap brand .. We try to show them were the BEST DUO ever to DO IT!!!

Storm: Lots of good music, followed by lots of great opportunities, just elevating new sounds, and breaking down new barriers.

Ahmad: Please, speak to some of Da YoungFellaz most significant accomplishments in the game thus far?

Da YoungFellaz: Beats 1/Apple Music – Took over Ebro’s show for MLK Day 2019, 90’s vs. Trap Event featuring Rockwilder, Drewski, DJ Wallah, DJ First Choice. Featured on Shade45DJ C-Lo (Heavyhitters), Statik Selektah, DJ Trackstar (TheSmokingSection). Featured on Hot97’s DJ Spazo’s Spotify playlist. 2014 Spellemannprisen Award (Norwegian Grammy) with EDM producer Ralph Myerz. We were featured on Hot97, Power 105, Rap Radar, Spotify, Tidal amongst many other media outlets.

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