Get To Know Chase N. Cashe, New Orleans Multi-Faceted Grammy Award Winning Creative

No matter how much money you make in this life, New Orleans legend Chase N. Cashe wants people to remember that you “Can’t Buy Respect.” Chase is a Grammy Award Winning producer/artist best known for Lil Wayne & Eminem’s “Drop The World” and Drake’s ‘Take Care’ standout ‘Look What You’ve Done.’ Since the tender age of 17, the now Multi-Platinum Producer has been cranking out quality music for his generation. Chase N. Cashe’s resume includes a long list of highly respected acts like Beyonce, J. Cole, Mac Miller, Nipsey Hussle, Kendrick Lamar, Young Money, and even the Pussycat Dolls. Chase has now been more focused on his own projects and up and coming artist that he can catch a vibe with and make each other better. This with a list of other things is what made me realize what made Chase so special.

Chase N. Cashe

Honestly, I could have written a beautiful editorial filled with Chase N. Cashe’s accomplishments and genius commentary. That would serve as an injustice to the interview that we had. Chase as of late does not do press. If Kazi Magazine did not have the alliance with Harlem’s golden child Jay Prezi, we would have never had the opportunity to even speak. See, this editorial is further evidence that every action has a reaction. You never know who you will meet in the “industry,” and for that reason, you must remain solid day in and day out. Chase N. Cashe made it known that marquee markets like New York/Los Angeles/Atlanta, your ability to cultivate and maintain relationships help determine the level of success you can reach. To be someone in those cities you have to have significant energy.  In every other market, your reputation throughout the city is what is most important. Chase is so different because he can recognize the good within others. He operates on a higher wavelength and is highly attracted to what people do currently not what they have done. Many people believe that you have to take whatever comes with this life, Chase subscribes to the belief that you can take control of your own life.

Can’t Buy Respect

Although, J. Cole and Chase had collaborated before Chase N. Cashe was adamant that there is no beauty in the struggle. The beauty is making it out of the battle. Once Chase realized that the world is not coming to you, and you have to go to it is when he started making the real impact. During our conversation, Chase said something that stuck out to me: “Negotiate as your life depends on it.” In the world of freelance and entertainment, creatives have to adhere to that advice. You are only worth what you can negotiate, and you have to make sure you do not undersell yourself. Many people use Chase’s tweets for inspiration, but some see it as being too real and hard to grasp. To him, that is fine, because he is not looking to provide people with empathy when they really require solutions. The Grammy Award-winning producer plainly stated that he is in the place that he is because he believes in himself. He supports others and handles every situation with detail and care. The creative proclaimed that many black people have confidence issues but if they really had more black information and black understanding they would not suffer from these same problems. Many people do not really know their history, and if they had the opportunity to learn even the half, they would know what they were truly capable of accomplishing.

Growing up in New Orleans and seeing all the Cash Money and No Limit superstars showed him what was out there for him to obtain. Unfortunately, many people think that Hip-Hop and R&B are the only genres that exist for black people. Everyone thinks that you have to be a rapper to make it, but in the NO the biggest stars are the Jazz musicians. Legends like Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, and Henry ‘Red’ Allen are just a few of the world renown artists that come from the Cajun capital. The most interesting part of Chase N. Cashe’s business acumen is his attention to other movements within the game. He witnessed fellow Lousiana artist Curren$y push his JetLife brand. He even watched Taylor Gang seize their moment. That is why when Kendrick Lamar was seen rocking his classic ‘Not For Sale’ shirt he knew it was his time to shift because the brand was going to be seen in a different light.

Kendrick Lamar x Not For Sale

“Design is the universal language, but everyone does not speak it” – Chase N. Cashe. Chase got his own Reebok Soldier from designing when many creatives get a shoe based on their marketing ability. During the discussion, he proclaimed that our culture has to realize that there are more lanes to go to that music and real estate. We have to go further and tap into more industries than ever before. In reality, you are going to listen to thousands of songs but only buy about three tables in your life. The producer credits a lot of his clarity to his clean eating lifestyle, various industry experience, and his endless thirst for information. Make sure to stay tuned with everything Chase N. Cashe has coming up this year on his social media.

Twitter: @ChaseNCashe IG: @theheir

The Brand: @Cantbuyrespect on all platforms.

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