Get To Know Ashley Francois 

Ashley Francois is a hip hop artist, singer, producer and songwriter from Sarasota fl. He started off his music journey a little after high school in the year 2016 releasing his first ever project EP “Paroxysm”. In 2021, he dropped a collaboration project called “Sheesh” with a local artist named D-Lo which is a very unique album, which showcased their versatility and strengths. While creating this project Ashley Francois stated “D Lo and I finished this album in like a week. To make a long story short, each and every one of us was knocking out at least two songs a day. Then towards the end we began selecting the records which we agreed should make the album, stated Ashley Francois”.

Furthermore, “Sheesh” is available on all platforms. His debut album, Don’t Feel Entitled, achieved number 2 on independent music awards in 2021, propelling his career in the industry to new heights and wider appeal.

His professional career in music commenced with his single Manic, which was released in 2019. He has three brothers, two are in the music industry King Chad & Young Knight.

As a child, though music was always something he held a fascination for, it never held quite the significance as it does today; indeed, while growing up, he instead actively pursued a career in basketball, pushing himself to the limits to further his basketball skills. However, while this was always something that he found exciting, after attending the University of Central Florida, he soon discovered that basketball had begun to lose its appeal as a career opportunity.


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