Get Smokey With Utah Native, MIIS On His Hazy New Single

Smoking weed used to be one of the worst things you could possibly do. It wasn’t much long ago, that people were getting locked up left and right for small possessions of marijuana, and in some cases they still do. Despite this, we’ve always gone through great lengths, to ensure relaxation, which is intriguing to me. Ever so thankful for the laws becoming a bit more lax, Utah native MIIS delivers his stoney new song, “Blunt Habits”.

Though the song may be considered a bit long for today’s standards — almost 4 minutes — the track never really feels dragged out. Instead, the patience of the record allows for MIIS to be a bit more exploratory with his style, creating for some really wavy melodic progressions throughout this track. With producer, EazyNotey laying the groundwork down with his infectious synths and ambient drum patterns, it’s no surprise that MIIS was able to drive this one home.

Check out, “Blunt Habits” below and get hip to MIIS.

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