Get into the mind of T’Challa Kings’s Upcoming EP “Power” 

A wise man once said, “music is the universal language of mankind and where words fail, music speaks.” when it comes to T’Challa Kings’s upcoming EP “Power” the project surrounds the insight of someone who is living the dream from traveling to selling out arenas. This is a guy who has the whole world at the palm of his hands. He shared that he “wanted to build a story based where this individual has made it to this certain plateau where they have access to anything and anyone they want. Which can lead to many temptations, seductions of plenty, suspense, the chase, breakups, sex and greed.” In this project alone, he delivers that raw and real talent that his fans love and enjoy. He is definitely making his way to the top and you can get to know him more below!

Q: Can you tell us the meaning behind your name T’Challa King? 

A: A Pastor gave me the name years ago. I believe it was 2011. He prophesied that I am to do great things in music. Everybody started calling me T’Challa or TC, so I embraced it. My Mom (Linda Broadous Miles) was given the name Ramisi. And my music teacher Mr. Andrews, his name was Heshimu. It’s a village thing. I love my name. I take it as a badge of honor to serve my family and friends, to always remain a student of the game. To always do my best and give 100% in everything I do. Always asking questions, taking no days off, Mamba Mentality.

Q: What does Power mean to you? How does somebody step into their power?

A: Control. Control of self, having the sureness to make a decision at that very moment. Not being wavered, hesitant or just going with the wind. I believe someone steps into their power by setting a goal big or small, taking action, having self control and being disciplined enough to be consistent in that action until the job is done. Being disciplined is the key. Going to the gym or reading a book is the greatest example. Being consistent in knocking out your goals. Making that your habit, success has to follow. 

Q: How many hours did you spend in the studio recording the EP?

A: Countless hours. I’ve been working on new music since my 1st album dropped 2 years ago. I just haven’t released any new music. I wanted to wait for the right time. 

Q: How many songs made it on the EP and why did you choose to put that many songs on the project? 

A: 9 songs. Nas’ “Illmatic” and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” both have 9 songs. Those are two of favorite albums of all time. 

Q: What can we expect sonically from the EP “Power”? 

A: It’s all about the girls. Usually I cater more to the hard hitting dance community, this is my first time singing to the women.

Q: Would you say this project would surprise your fans or it is a sound and lane they are used to?

A: For sure. This is a totally different sound. There are a lot of trap, reggae tone elements used in the project that weren’t on my last album. A more broader mainstream overall sound. 

Q: Does the EP in its entirety tell a story or does each song tell its own story?

A: The temptations of life between man and woman. Do you take a bite of the apple? The chase and breakups, breakups and the chase.

Q: What is your favorite song off the EP?

A: Space Mountain

Q: What was your most memorable moment during the creation of the EP?

A: Each voicemail. Those are real encounters. Turning those moments into a story.

Q: What do you hope your fans take away from the EP?

A: I went outside my normal hard hitting EDM tones and decided to step outside my box. Bringing another refreshing sound to my catalog for my fans to listen too.

Q: If you could use one word to describe this EP that would make someone listen, what would that word be?

A: Rockstar

Q: Do you plan on touring?

A: Yes I do. It takes a lot of preparation, so I want everything to be at least 80% solid on my end. Whether it be the show, making sure health protocols are solid etc. 

Q: Anything else you would like to add?

A: My album cover is a photo of Ray Charles, Slash from Gunz and Roses, and myself when I was 9 years old at Capitol Records. It also features my music teacher Mr. Andrews (Heshimu) in the back top right corner smiling. That was a great day.

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