Get Bread Ced Make his way from the bottom

Coming up out of the streets of Dallas, born in Acres Homes, Get Bread Ced, is full of flavor artist. Make his way from the bottom, through jail, to a million-plus out the streets.

With his unique and versatile style, he brings us a Gucci Mane meets Young Dolph type of sound! Starting off in the popular “Dallas” group Thug Nation he has continued to break barriers and push his own sound in Texas.

Get Bread Ced has dropped 3 mixtapes, 1 of which has been featured on over 20+ streaming stations. He currently has featured songs with the late and great C. Struggs and Mo3! Bread is now currently working on his 1st album transitioning to a more metallic tone. You can catch his raspy voice, and full flavor on Rob Stovall (Yung Stove), Hood Beats, Shon On Da Beat, and various other original producers! Not only is Get Bread Ced a top song writer and performer he has also pursued a career in acting and voice overs!

I look forward to see what Get Bread Ced has in store for the near future!

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