George Pham announces new album ‘VISION’

New Zealand musician George Pham has confirmed his new album ‘VISION’ will be dropping by the end of 2021. 

After many long months, and much speculation, George Pham will finally release his awaited new album coming to the end of 2021. Confirmed to be titled ‘VISION’, and featuring two songs titled ‘ ‘Vision’ (A Third Eye)’ and ‘’Vision’ (A Psychedelic)’ the album will be released on December 20. George told Kazi:

“I’ve learned a lot from my past tracks and albums and I am ready to continue full force, these tracks are completely new and creative, Never in my career have I released and put out something so weird, almost creepy”

In early December 2021, George confirmed that Project ‘VISION’ was entering the production process. Speaking on the topic to his close friends and family, telling the public they would be hearing his music very soon. George first confirmed the news of a new album on his YouTube channel on December 9, where he published a strange video that was created to make you feel uneasy for the date of release, Just a day later, the artist shared a snapshot from his bedroom on his Instagram Story, showing his setup and software he uses to create his music. Along with the story post, The artist also uploaded two teasers of what to expect for the album to get his supporters and listeners interested and engaged, hoping to build some hype for the near future.

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