Geno Five adds a verse to .blank’s ‘Nostalgia’

“Don’t say the Geno without the Five, or you can just call me the GOAT.” Simple as that. “Pick a track and then I spazz just to have you in awe.” Still not getting it? Geno Five out of Englewood, NJ is a force to be reckoned with. He joins running buddy .blank for the remix to interlude “Nostalgia” and puts his own spin on it. In it, he seemingly teases a joint EP coming up between the two in June.

His uptempo delivery, wordplay, and gritty voice make this yet another masterful display. He touches on the recent passing of his father, his motivation, and his approach to the game. The two-minute barfest is brief, but surely enough to stay on repeat and build anticipation for whatever is next. After previous track “Gettin’ Played,” we see clearly what they can do together. Perhaps the best is yet to come.

“Nostalgia” originates from .blank’s project esmeralda, and being that he curates for various other artists it makes perfect sense for Geno to jump on it. He even discusses in the track how he has this beat he likes but he doesn’t know who to get on it. Geno was the right fit it seems.

Check out the “Nostalgia” remix above.

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