GASHI Drops “Don’t Pass On Love” Visual

GASHI spent much of his young life as a refugee, moving from country to country.  His family eventually settled in Brooklyn, NY, where he was introduced to music at a very young age.  GASHI absorbed a melting pot of musical influences throughout his youth. Thus, resulting in his own unique sonic palette that blends different genres of music. Secondly, his dynamic sound has allowed GASHI to collaborate with a wide range of talents ranging from Chris Brown to Travis Scott.  In the last couple of years, he released two studio albums album, sold-out venues across the globe, and has accumulated over 720 million streams with over 130 million video views worldwide.

“We’ve been thru a lot as people the past two years so it’s time for us to start accepting love and don’t pass on it”


Last summer, GASHI released his sophomore album 1984, which saw him exploring and harboring new sounds that brought you back to his favorite time – the 80’s and featured his breakout hit “Mama” with the legendary Sting. He also released his documentary GASHI: Now You Know (watch here) and performed his first-ever Livestream performance featuring tracks from the 1984 album (watch the performance here).

Take a look at the Libya-bred rapper’s new visual for “Don’t Pass On Love” here!

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