G Herbo Drops “Stand The Rain (Mad Max)”

G Herbo is back with a serious new visual to support his Billboard-chart topping LP 25. The former KAZI Magazine cover star is unleashing heatat a prolific pace. The new mini-movie for “Stand The Rain (MadMax)” is a must-see video that fits perfectly with the topic of his latest album.

The black-and-white(and green) visual shot by No More Heroes opens with Herbo reading his own “30 Under 30” cover story in Forbes. However, the action unfolds frantically as the clip follows him to church. Also, traveling to the basketball court and the gun range, he delivers each successive rhyme with more intensity than the last. No matter what, he’ll make you feel like you can “Stand The Rain” too.

25 season is still going strong for G Herbo…25 recently crashed in the Top 5 of the Billboard Top 200. It not only became his second straight bow in the Top 10 of the chart, but it also emerged as his highest debut yet. It has amassed over 182 million streams and earned widespread praise. Starring on our latest cover, we even christened him “Chicago’s Street Rap Messiah“. Lastly, G Herbo is a flat-out star, and it is not up for debate.

Check out his new visual for “Stand The Rain (MadMax)” here below!

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