Fye Jones is straight F Y E but Subtle

Fye Jones, a young musical artist born in Orlando, Florida and periodically raised in Biloxi, Mississippi. Jones had no idea music is the gateway to networking and meeting other musicians, ultimately becoming an executive producer.

Speaking with Fye Jones, he makes the upfront statement that he is not an artist, he is a young executive producer. “I am the label,” said Jones. A unique perspective from a new music artist.

Currently, the young executive producer has no achievements that are yet worth bragging about, but from what we see in Fye Jones it won’t be long as he’s just getting started.

A day as Fye Jones consists of dealing with shoots, and answering back to back phone calls. Also, he has a couple of upcoming projects of his own such as his rumored track with his comrade Malachi.

To best describe Fye, it would be the smooth guy with solid intentions. He is no short of confidence and it comes natural. He takes that bravado to music and the boards, below you can get a quick preview of his artistry here.

Overall, he’s a gem to keep your eye on in 2021. Confidence, class, and cool, Fye Jones is primetime. Below you can check out some fire he executively produced:

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