Fwz Bringing The Heat With New Record “Blow It”

With cuffing season officially over and summer time upon us, Barrio Bandits LLC’s musical artist FWZ (pronounced fuse) is bringing that summer heat to all platforms! Whether you’re riding in your car, chilling at a summer event or even relaxing on the beach, FWZ has got the song for you.

Without further ado…FWZ is proud to present a body of work that speaks to the ladies on every level. Blow It, written with the intention of shining a light on topical issues such as; domestic conflicts in relationships and fake friendships, with the message that there is always a way out being the undertone of the song. In the words of FWZ… “Living in a world that we all know is the coldest, when you all alone you just need someone to roll with, things take time but look let me show it before it’s too late, cause then I gotta Blow It, hoping I ain’t gotta Blow It, You know me I just Blow It, Do anything just to Blow It, If I got to imma Blow It! 

With the release of Blow It, Barrio Bandits LLC’s CEO, Andre Graham Jr., shared that they flew FWZ out to shoot, what they would consider, a “watch-worthy video with an interesting storyline and an encapsulating backdrop.” From the enticing hues of the blue waters to the clear blue skies and pink sand, the Blow It video will not disappoint. It promises to stay in rotation on that summer playlist, with something special for FWZ’s fan base. 

In speaking with Barrio Bandits LLC’s CEO, he highlighted the importance of building/coaching musical artists that not only bring the heat with their talent but also get to experience what it’s like to work with a variety of production teams locally and internationally. 

So what are you waiting for…head over to the following platforms and bask in the ambiance of great talent combined with beautiful views!

If you are interested in joining our young and creative team to make history send us an email at barriobandits@gmail.com we look forward to hearing from you!

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