Future Hndrxx Presents : The WIZRD Review

Coming up all the way from being that feature on YC’s Racks, Future is undoubtedly one of the best rappers for the past decade or so. Ushering in a new wave to music game in his prime. After almost a year hiatus from music, Future Hndrxx comes back to hit us with The WIZRD album. The question is, does it live up to the wait?

The album mainly goes over Futures rags to riches. How he came from the ghetto but the life of being rich and famous almost numbs. Nothing new or groundbreaking but brings in Futures flair without a doubt. Another theme is Futures luxurious lifestyle and how he deserves the respect he gets nowadays. Nothing new or groundbreaking when it comes to the story/theme but the album brings in Futures trademark flair.

The album itself starts off hot with the best song on the album “Never Stop,” an R&B type vibe that brings out the best of Futures lyrics. After that, the album isn’t bad but unless you’re paying specific attention to current track it’s easy to lose yourself because most of the songs just blend together. Future brings it back home towards the middle and end fo the album. There is a lack of features on the album, only two. That being said the production value of the beats are over the top all being equally catchy.

This is one of those albums that seems to get better the more you listen to it. Once the songs stop blending together you can start to see the heat Future brings in on this album. With impressive beats and Futures catchy style, you’ll be getting lit to this one for sure.

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