FSB Trell – “Fool For a fool”

FSB Trell’s new single “Fool For A Fool” is a song for those who should focus on themselves and not others. The whole lesson of the lyrics in “Fool For A Fool” is that one person if the relationship can be good whilst the other will ruin it for all. Yet he keeps expressing himself in a way that he always to fix the relationship, it seems to never work and always be one-sided.

Also in “Fool For A Fool” it seems he tries his best to be the best he can yet he’s the only one trying to fix the situation. He then expresses himself in a way to show that he is doing all the work and he is the one for her. He also expresses himself in a way to show that she made the wrong choice and if he were to do the things she did it would have never ended up the way he would have wanted.


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