From Town To Town From State To State C.G Is Making His Impact In The Hip-Hop Industry Known

Traverse City, Michigan Artist C.G Rapping In Chicago

C.G is a wholehearted American rapper based out of Traverse CityMichigan started his music career the same way most do, a hobby turned into a passion, and he is currently in the process of turning that passion into a sustainable career and lifestyle. Currently working on an E.P., the hope is that it’ll be released sometime shortly within the next month. Originally finding his love for music as a child, C.G found solace in music as a sort of therapy and once writing his own, he received praise for his creations which has since resulted in his consistent pursuit for a full-time career in the music industry. Since his original start, he has surprised not only any haters but even himself having secured the opportunity to have his song played on the radio (Z93) as well as being interviewed in the studio. On top of that, C.G has also shared that he is in talks with a label, about what? We will just have to wait and see! Making connections just like those in addition to the individual connections he makes while networking the industry is one of his favorite aspects of the music industry. The reasoning C.G points to behind it is that there’s no substitute for finally hearing the finished project and quite possibly making a new friend along the way. Under the topic of future collaborations, C.G had this to say

 ”I’m open to pretty much anything. Whether it’s another artist or a company with a deal offer, if it’s reasonable or I’m feeling it. Why not?”

It only seems right that we extend previous shout-outs by C.G to close So, shout-out to his parentshis fiance, some of his close friends and especially GabiChandler, and Trenton. All of whom C.G wouldn’t be here today without. 

“I’m blessed to be here with them.”

C.G. is very early on in his music career and has ambitions that exceed many others. Follow along with his story to see all the great things C.G has in store for us by following him via the convenient hyper-link provided below; also including places to stream his music.

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