From Olympic Medalist to Hip-Hop Superstar: Will Claye’s Transformation

Most people excel in one career and then retire to be an entrepreneur. But transitioning from one demanding field to another with a completely different structure is mostly unheard of. It takes more than talent to achieve it, but Will Claye shows us it is possible. The now-famous Hip-Hop artist was a former Olympic medalist, jumping from athletics straight into music.

Will Claye is a platinum recording artist with record IDGF, in which he collaborated with YG. Before venturing into music, Will was one of the greatest Olympians America ever had. He became the first athlete from the US to win both the long jump and triple jump in the same Olympics in 2012. Will equaled a century-old record set in 1904.

After the Olympics, Will started a career in music. At first, no one took him seriously as an artist. And to be honest, who would believe such a talented athlete could also be a beast in music? Most people knew him as an athlete and not a musician. So Claye had to work to prove everyone wrong. He went far and beyond to achieve his dream of building a successful music career, and he is now taking the industry by storm.

Will jump straight from participating in the Olympics to dropping a hit song, silencing the critics. He released the visuals for his single, “Wee Hours”, soon after coming from the Tokyo Olympics. The video is already out via Red Bull Records. It was produced by one of the big names in the music industry and a Grammy Award winner in songwriting and production, DJ Khalil. He is best known for his work with Kanye West, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and many other well-known artists. Everyone expected the video to capture the attention of the listeners and viewers, and it lived up to that reputation.

The visuals for “Wee Hours” are delivered with a flair of West Coast influence. The entire song keeps viewers glued to the screen as Claye drops vocals with lyrics crafted from his personal experience. He features in the video with his Olympics medals around his neck and a sunflower field background. It is also set up in an orange glow hue of his family home but quickly transitions into a darker one. Watching the video and listening to the lyrics will draw you in and capture your attention.

Will says his fans have not had enough of him. He plans to drop a hit, with a release date soon to be announced. His fans will not wait for long as Will is determined to show them that his newly-found career is better than the previous one. But for now, they are waiting for their favorite Hip-Hop artist to put everything together.

Will wants to tour the world, popularizing his music, and inspiring thousands of fans with his songs. He wants to prove that we are all multifaceted human beings and that we should live to achieve our wildest dreams without limitations.

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