From Maryland To the World, DJ Yemi is a Star

Without anyone to teach him, DJ Yemi also known as Yemi Shonibare followed his passion towards music and taught himself the art of the mix. The Maryland bred DJ has been in the business for over years now. Some people wait for the perfect opportunity to shine, while others like DJ Yemi go out and get it.  Yemi even claimed that he learns something new every time he spins. To think he started by simply making playlists for parties. Now he has done everything from frat parties to weddings. No matter the genre, DJ Yemi knows how to get the party started. This is how he has been able to set himself apart and build a music empire.”

Professionally, DJ Yemi has held residencies in nightclubs all over West Virginia and various other North American stops. He has shared the stage with A-list acts such as Outkast, Travis Scott, MGK, and Big Sean just to name a few. Morgantown Magazine named him the #1 DJ at the top-rated party school West Virginia University. Yemi draws his inspiration from others having a good time and his strong love for music. He strives off of reaction and plays off the crowd’s energy to provide the best fan experience possible. Even though Yemi has performed on some of the biggest stages possible he will never forget his humble beginnings.

Follow him on Instagram @DJYemi & stay tuned to see him in a city near you.

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