FourTee Sheds Light On The Business Side of the Music Industry

Fourtee shares that his passion for music stems from the business side of the industry…

Newark, New Jersey-native FourTee is here to transform the culture as he is gearing up to introduce his new wave to the music scene. Since relocating to Los Angeles, California in 2018, FourTee has been focused on perfecting his profession. 

He has been penning his own music from the beginning when he began taking music more seriously. FourTee made his musical debut on SoundCloud with his breakout banger “23” which received a great response from his hometown. In fact, he goes on to state that music is therapy…

FourTee Reflects On What Music Means To Him…

expressing how I feel in a way I can’t express in regular conversation. I have a passion for music, but most of my passion comes from the executive side of music.”

While he would describe his style as being similar to that of today’s top hip-hop artists such as Roddy Rich, Lil Baby, and DaBaby, he attributes much of his sound and inspiration to Biggie. He claims that BIG was the first rapper he was attracted towards because he was “100% himself, raw and uncut.” Other than music, a major motivation to him is his mother.

She never gave up. I saw the results of her never giving up, from being a single mom of four and doing whatever it took to feed us.”

In fact, he wants these young artists to understand that they can be so much more than just an artist; 

 “I want young artists to understand the business side of things. To understand the value of building generational wealth and not just going straight to the jeweler or car dealership.” 

Additionally, he mentioned that he used to drive for a chauffeur company in NYC, which allowed him to go on tour and assist many of the biggest names in rap ; including Lil Uzi Vert, Gunna, Jadakiss, Cassanova, Kid Capri, and others. This was life-changing for him because he felt closer than ever to breaking through as an artist. It was also at that moment that he realized he didn’t only want to be a driver or support artists, but he wanted to be an artist himself.

FourTee separates himself from his peers by being an exec; “I have a serious business mindset. I’m chasing after Hov, Ye, Puff. My interests extend far beyond music. I have tons of business ideas. I can always see a larger vision of how to innovate in this entertainment world. While merging music with fashion, art, tech, food, culture. A message that he would like to leave his audience is to let them know that he is the future; I am the new wave. I am going to shift the culture.”

Singles like Flamez” (2018), “Freeze” (2019), “Fomf” (2019), “Workout” (2020), “Talk To Me Nice” (2020), and “From The Bottom” (2021) are just a few of his previous drop offs that have solidified him as a promising figure in music. In addition to his slew of sizzling singles, FourTee is also the first independent artist to have his song placed on NBA2K three years in a row! As well as having a record placed in a commercial for Fast & Furious 9, alongside another record placed on TNT for a 2021 NBA opening season commercial. Staying booked and busy, FourTee is cementing his position in the game! 

He’s currently working on his album, Glory in the Jungle which is set to be published later this year. Fortunately for fans, FourTee’s artistry doesn’t stop with his music as he has multiple business ventures in the works. Including shooting for a movie within the year, signing more artists to his roster, and taking his clothing brand “Wxrld Leaders” to the next level! But for now, he’s entertaining fans with back to back bangers so stay locked here at KAZI Magazine

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