Foreign Glizzy Releases Rap Album, “Foreign Exchange”

Rapper, songwriter, and record executive, Foreign Glizzy has a  commanding presence on the mic. He raps with precision though his delivery seemingly effortlessly, and he can switch up his flow several times in the  same song. On his album, “Foreign Exchange”, he uses the ten tracks to display his versatility as a hip hop artist. 

The album contains a few highlights including “Road Running” and “R.I.P.  Kobe”. On both songs, Foreign Glizzy shows his haters why they can keep on hating. He raps about his good life, the foreign cars, racks of cash, and the beautiful women that he enjoys. It’s a life we all wish we could have but few have the hunger and drive to make it actually happen. Glizzy, born  Gary Williams Jr., uses the discipline and competitiveness that he developed as a college basketball standout to take his music career to new heights. 

While he raps about rolexes and maseratis, the Bay Area native spreads his  California love by giving back to the less fortunate. He holds annual food and book-bag giveaways. He’s also building businesses in the community, such as owning several clothing stores in malls throughout the Bay Area. 

You can find out more about his music, his entrepreneurial endeavors, and his community service on Instagram @Foreign_Glizzy. His music is available on all platforms.

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