Florence El Luche Releases “Slow Down”

Love & Hip Hop’s Florence El Luche newest star unveils a new single.

Florence El Luche is Love & Hip Hop Miami’s newest castmate, who is also from Miami and diving into multiple businesses. Always embracing her Haitian roots, Florence El Luche is known as the “Queen of Kompa;” a genre native to the Haitian culture and community. She recently released a new single with an accompanying visual, called “Slow Down,” — which serves as the perfect vibe for the end of summer. The Slow Down visual is active, engaging, and compelling production, fun, flirty, and full of life.

She wants to show that she takes music seriously, which this is a good first step. Secondly, she is a role model for her family, music only helps support this qualm. Keep her on your radars, she might have the making of an overall star.

Being a jack of all trades, Florence El Luche is tapped into multiple bags; while finally being focused on music with her hand in the beauty industry. With the ethic to sell beauty and entertainment, neither hustle is a challenge for Florence El Luche. Not planning on letting up anytime soon, the Queen of Kompa is ready for the wild ride of being a multifaceted creator. Finally, fans can see this in her new Slow Down visual as well. Sexy, stern, and seductive, the “Slow Down.” To stream “Slow Down,” check it out on your favorite DSP.

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