Flipzworld Newest Song “Transition” off His New Album “OddWorld” Is The Song Worth Repeating 

Flipzworld has finally dropped his latest project, an album called ” OddWorld “ which was released September 2, 2022. His track “Transition” featuring Xentari is the one to listen to on repeat. It’s outer worldly, it’s different. This track was new territory to Flipzworld. It allowed him to tap into something that not a lot of people get the chance to. He discovered that different things are exciting and that with his new discovery he now wants to share this piece specifically with everybody that he can. Suitably so, this could really be the start of something big.super high energy, accompanied by futuristic sounds, and arrangement on point it is ust all out a fun song to enjoy. Flipzworld said this when reached out to for commentary:

  “I knew I wanted the last song on Oddworld to be something completely out of my element but still had my touch of style to it. Think of it as stepping into the matrix”.  

The 13 track album ” OddWorld ” dropped September 2, 2022 on all streaming platforms. Check out his other music till then, or connect with Flipzworld himself on his socials below.

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