Finesse’s new visual is a multi-faceted story of love

It’s one thing when an artist’s words hit home, but the effort to creating a visual that does the same is especially powerful. 21 year old Finesse out of Long Island has never shied away from discussing his challenges with love, ending 2018 with EP Letters I Never Gave You. While that project felt like love was already lost, this visual for “Lucy in Disguise” conveys something totally different.

He laughs with his maiden, they fight, and they seemingly have no sense of stability. For some, the constant tension makes the love more real and enjoyable. For others, it’s damning. It seems Finesse and Lucy are caught within a happy medium, though it’s unclear whether one can truly call said medium “happy.”

They appeal to the kid within us all, playing around in a ball pit which just might be a symbol of how they’re feeling. Ball pits are fun but you get what you get at the end of the day. No real depth. Is Finesse subconsciously questioning how far things can go? Especially with the presence and use of drugs that severely impacts how she’s feeling. But who are we to question it?

“That’s something they don’t know” comes off like a resounding call for us to focus on ourselves while they figure out what’s happening in their relationship. Instead, we ought to figure out what it is about Finesse that makes him so dynamic. Writing, recording, producing, mixing, mastering all since the age of 15, he continues to strengthen his artistic eye with this visual.

He’s set to release a project later this year and we look forward to the continued evolution of the heartfelt crooner with a knack for getting us lit while thinking of things that get us down. For now, tap into “Lucy in Disguise.” It may resonate more than you think.

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