@fhedesh – “Girl Name LOL”

Today DJ/Producer Fhedesh releases the visual to his fitful single, “Girl Name LOL.”

Performing in the darkness of late night scenes across Los Angeles, DJ/Producer Fhedesh burst onto the EDM scene with a primal and theatrical DJ set that hypnotized LA’s underground electronic crowd.

Inspired by vampirism, wild sexuality and the exploration of creative expression, Fhedesh has drawn from various forms of the ancient practice to find his own sound.

Providing the musical backdrop for those inclined towards dark forms of expression and creativity like vampirism, Fhedesh is accustomed to performing at unconventional venues, that attract voyeuristic individuals looking to explore themselves.

Merging EDM, witch house, industrial electronic music and many other diverse sounds like trap drums, Fhedesh already has a following that draws as many as 300 people a night regularly in LA.

“It is innately human to want to prolong life and explore the darker facets of ourselves we keep hidden underneath during our hours spent in the day. My music brings those darker sides to the surface for fans,” Fhedesh said. “After dark people feel more free to explore their mischievous desires, freeing themselves from the weight of their day and routine. I would like to think my music plays a role in freeing people by providing a melodious, yet dark and aggressive musical backdrop for their experience.”

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