Feel the caress of love’s touch on your soul with Ahmad Yasir’s new track “Your Touch”

One of the most popular tracks that came out in a few weeks has come from Ahmad Yasir in the form of “Your Touch”. Ahmed Yasir is an upcoming artist who is highly regarded for his sense of musical composition.  The song has become massively popular overnight and has become a staple in parties across the country.

Ahmad Yasir’s history in the music scene is short-lived. No one knew who he was until the release of “Your Touch”. During the creation of his music, Ahmad has been known to be able to convey emotions through music. This is one of the key reasons as to how he became so popular in such a short amount of time despite being new.

The success of “Your Touch” should first and foremost be attributed to Ahmad’s talent and musical prowess. However, we cannot simply ignore the contribution of Rumor Records who have been extremely careful during the production of the song allowing it to be one of the greatest tracks to come out in recent times.

To hear more from Ahmad Yasir, check out his EP. The EP contains other works from Ahmad which we believe you will enjoy as equally as “Your Touch”.

Listen to “Your Touch” on Spotify 

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