Fedd The God Goes Crazy In “Intro” Visual

The Pittsburgh native went back to his roots for the “intro” music video. With “ intro” Fedd The God wants to let the hip-hop community know that he is here and is going to get it by any means necessary! The only word that can describe the video is explosive from the editing to the interactions that Fedd The God had with the people in the music video itself. The visual even included snippets of his live shows. If Fedd The God wanted all eyes on him through this music video the mission was definitely accomplished. The confidence and authenticity were definitely evident!

The video really showed the rapper in his natural element. Fedd The God was literally vibing through each scene from the jewelry store to locations outside and in front of a baby blue old school low rider. He really took the lyric “ If you lookin for me I be out thuggin in the open” and gave his audience insight into what that looks like for him through this video. It showed exactly how the rapper wants to be portrayed to the world.

The Next Up From Pittsburgh, PA

Back in April, Fedd The God released the highly anticipated Speed Racer project that has absolute bangers on it. Also, Fedd The God is a Taylor Gang artist. Moreover, this means he is with some of the prolific greats with Wiz Khalifa at the lead. With the way things are going for Fedd The God, he will be the next hot artist from his city. 

It is only right that “Intro” is one of the songs that have a visual attached to it. Lastly, the song has a beat that is intense. Furthermore, the video had to meet the standards of the single, and it did!

Here is the Fedd The God’s music video “Intro” below!

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