FCG Heem, The Neighborhood Poet Drops A Poetic Gem

FCG Heem and his artistry is the epitome of the realer the story, the realer the music… 

FCG Heem, a rapper from Fort Lauderdale’s shallow side, transforms daily thoughts and challenges into soaring melodies and captivating rhymes. His music and lyrically inclined wordplay touches not only the ears, but hearts of his listeners. This Florida-bred artist has a lot to say and is ready to put his city on the map  with his latest drop off! 

I’ve got a message, I’m trying to motivate the young people and give them something positive to look up to” he exclaims. 

The rising rhymer publicly narrates this story in his debut project, Neighborhood Poetry via Republic Records. The high anticipation for this project comes after accumulating 3 million views and 2 million streams on his own. While also garnering public praise of NFL talents Eddie Jackson, Dalvin Cook, D.K. Metcalf, Jerry Juedy, Calvin Ridley, and Lamar Jackson.

When The Neighborhood Poet & The Music Collide

At the tender age of three, Heem’s father brought home a karaoke machine and this is when he found music — when the poet met his word. As a child of Jamaican origin, he was exposed to reggae from an early age. Which influenced his developed love for artists like Sizzla, as well as finding R&B and hip-hop on his own. As a casual hobby, Heem cultivated a distinct flow, citing 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and 2 Chainz as musical favorites. 

As Heem grew older, life got in the way of pursuing a music career. However, in 2018, he began to take his craft more seriously as he honed it to perfection. He began uploading tracks to Soundcloud, beginning with “This Year,” after being fired from his job at Walmart and becoming a father.

“I needed to find a way out,” he admits. “I turned to music.”

FCG Heem Releases Dead Weight 

In 2019 his single “Dead Weight” organically took off on its own. Locals who had never had a star of their own to champion were captivated by the song’s compelling melody and encouraging hook.

As a result, Fellow Broward County native and Chicago Bears free safety, Eddie Jackson eagerly shared it throughout social media. The record was well-received in the industry, with over 224K Soundcloud plays. Shortly after, he signed to New Era Tha Label and 100K Management in between projects like The Letter To My People EP and the Street Virus EP.

FCG Heem’s Time To “Ha Ha” 

In 2020, Republic Records took notice and recruited the famous, FCG Heem to their roster. Fast forward and now he formally tells this story on his debut project, Neighborhood Poetry [Republic Records] led by his single “Ha Ha.

His lead single “Ha Ha,” mocks and stunts on his haters. Throughout the track, his flow soars over an airy beat towards an instantly seductive and chantable hook that virtually levitates over the sound. Florida’s very own speaks on the inspiration behind his record…

A lot of people have overlooked me… So, now I’m saying, ‘Ha Ha,’ to them. They thought I wasn’t going to be anything and here I am.” He explains. 

The FCG Heem Goal 

When you listen to me, I just want you to feel it. That’s what it’s all about at the end for me,” he leaves off. 

FCG Heem creates music for the masses. His uplifting lyricism and inspiring storytelling rhymes are relatable and influence fans both new and old. 

For now, give FCG Heem’s most recent release, Neighborhood Poetry a spin and let us know what you think! Stay locked here for more on the Sunshine State’s superstar — FCG Heem. 

Neighborhood Poetry EP

The Interview

But first! KAZI Magazine had the pleasure to chop it up with FCG Heem for the premiere of his EP, take a look below at all he had to say. 

  • Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to speak with me and KAZI Magazine! Let’s jump into our interview about your premiere release, your artistry and more… Buzzing out of Fort Lauderdale, Fl how does it feel to really put on for the city and put it on the map? 

It’s crazy, it really feels good. I’m really the only one to come out of Lauderdale… There’s no one from the Dale!

  • Your highly anticipated EP, ‘Neighborhood Poetry‘ dropped today and I’m sure you are ecstatic and receiving such great feedback! I really enjoyed it from start to finish! Do you have any other plans relating to this release? 

“Oh yeah! We are doing more visuals off the tape…It’s major right here so we are going to do it the right way and take care of this!”

  • I really enjoyed “Haters” — what made you include it as a bonus and not a set track? 

It was already out, so I wanted to add that for the people who are still catching on to me and those doubting me.”

  • For listeners new and old who haven’t had a chance to review the brand new release of your EP yet, how would you describe your project?

Neighborhood Poetry…it speaks for itself” 

  • What was the creative process like for “Neighborhood Poetry”? How long did it take for you to curate the album?

We’ve been working on it for a while… just making sure we got the right songs together, and we just put all the right songs together

FCG Heem Is Rolling Loud…

  • Next, I’d like to say congratulations 🍾 on your upcoming show at this year’s Rollin Loud Miami. You’ll be performing on Sunday, July 25th — what was that call like? 

“That was major for me. Because I’ve never been there before. It’s my first time going and I’m going to perform on stage…” 

  • Just in 2021, You have hits and some of my favorites like “Beef” featuring Pooh Sheisty and “More Pain” featuring Toosii, are there any other upcoming collabs fans should keep an eye out for?

No Cap, No Cap!— that No Cap feature on the tape is going to be major.” 

  • As the Nighborhood’s poet, do you feel that your wordplay and storytelling abilities come from your passion for poetry? 

I feel like it’s Neighborhood Poetry… not so much poetry, poetry but poetry really for the neighborhood” 

It’s like poetry coming out hearing it come out of there — the neighborhood. Their stories. I’m really talking to them” 

  • What led you to your style of delivery and beat selection for this project? 


We have our own in-house engineers and producers so they pretty much have a good feel for my music you know so they send me the right beats and the rest is history…”

“They already know the vibes, they just be sending me the perfect beats.”

  • What are some of your favorite tracks or lyrical highlights off the project ?

“I would have to say “Need Dat Crack”. I’m not gon’ lie, I like every song and all the hot features. There’s a lot of dope songs off this project making it hard to choose” 

  • How would you say you set yourself apart from other artists in the game right now?

Someone once told me that my style and sound is like “motivational flexin’… ever since I just ran with it. I’m a motivational flex

  • What’s next for FCG Heem? 

We are going to just keep growing — keep going until we are No. 1. That’s what’s next for FCG Heem, NO.1!” 



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