Fat Eric And Skoobiii Drop Energetic New Single “Off Camera”

Fat Eric is at the forefront of Washington, D.C’s music scene. There’s a reason why too. Eric offers up a signature style that’s unique to its core. He’s joined by Skoobiii for a gritty single “Off Camera,” accompanied by an effect filled music video. 

Evened out by a dynamic trap beat, Fat Eric and Skoobiii attack it with an aggressive flow establishing their dominance coming up in the industry. Furthermore, both make references to being “the plug” and putting on their friends during tough times, which showcases their loyalty. 

“Traveling to different states, investing in streaming and promotion, listening to consulting, and being able to learn every day on how to make it in music has been what’s consuming my mind 24/7,” Eric said. He continues with, “this industry is not for the weak. You cannot just expect things to be handed out to you. You got to go out and get it. It’s a level of loyalty you got to have to the game, and I’m ten toes down in level of commitment.” 

Check out the video below.

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