Fashion Designer & Artist MarkyB Is Making His Mark on the Music Scene

Marky Bergeron, known as MarkyB, is a fashion designer and talented artist. He is the founder and owner of SiBilance and Marky Swim, two fashion and lifestyle brands he believes will revolutionize the fashion industry. SiBilance is an upcoming luxury streetwear label, along with Marky Swim a luxury women’s swimwear line launching next year. The multi-talented artist is known for his authentic style of music with a mission to take on pop punk, and alternative sounds to the next level. He has found a perfect blend and the outcome is a classic touch of magic that thousands can’t stop listening to. 

MarkyB stands out as an artist who has blended these genres and put his own spin on things. He was exposed to various musical instruments at an early age, including the piano, guitar, drums, and saxophone. This created a solid foundation for his career. Today, MarkyB credits his musical success to his early introduction to playing these instruments. 

“Although instruments are not my strong point, they molded my mind and trained my ears to create music via lyrics, beats, and vocals. This level of creating music started out as a hobby where I basically just went to recording studios with friends and freestyled,” MarkyB adds.

Like the rest of the world, MarkyB was dealt a significant blow in 2020 when the world shut down, and everything went virtual due to the COVID pandemic. But a self-motivated individual, MarkyB devoted a lot of time to his craft. He spent his time writing music while also fine-tuning his sound. 

A year later, the musical sensation took over, with his first professional music release Hollywood Whore in 2021. Since then, MarkyB has established a loyal fan base, with the following releases, Broken Lies and Lipstick Stains surpassing over 200K streams and counting. With his first music video Broken Lies, surpassing the 50K streams mark the first week. 

Learning and understanding the music industry was also no easy task for MarkyB. It’s a vibrant industry with numerous trends and dynamics, and unless you are ready to match the speed, you can easily be knocked off your path. 

“You have to be very careful, and self-education is a must! My circle of trust is rather small, so I force myself to learn the ins and outs as well as the good and bad about this industry. There is no institution that can teach you the business side. You MUST educate yourself,” MarkyB insists. 

The self-made success story profoundly believes in his potential, which has since allowed him to stay far ahead of the competition. According to MarkyB, competition is just extra motivation to make you work harder. 

“Hard work is equally important as talent, and I am up for the challenge. Not only am I a music artist, but I love fashion,” MarkyB explains. 

Achieving success in music and fashion requires a ridiculous amount of work. Luck plays a minimal role in becoming the best. Even more challenging is maintaining consistency. The world is very quick to judge, and you have to have very thick skin to survive.

In the coming years, MarkyB sees himself releasing more music. He wants to inspire other people to express themselves musically. MarkyB also dreams of becoming an international actor, performing on some of the biggest global stages. 

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