Fac Marlo Gives Fans “Butterflies”

Fac Marlo brings “Butterflies” to the industry with his brand new release. After garnering such great feedback, Fac is gearing up to release the visuals for his most recent release. His captivating track is set to be accompanied by an even more enchanting storyline. 

The idea of Butterflies is like a tale of 2 individuals, one is a rapper and one is a fan. They make eye contact and end up seeing a future together because she’s convinced he’s something special”, the artist describes. 

“Butterflies” Set To Flood The Summer 

He’s now gearing up to release the official music video for his summer smash. Also, he implements an effective approach to assure that his visuals maintain at the top of YouTube’s search results. This single and it’s highly anticipated music video are already on the road to long-term success. Fac mentions,

I got tired of getting no responses or reactions on YouTube so I designed a unique path through ad revenue and Facebook that helped bring me fans all over the country.” 

Fac Marlo and His Elite Team Bring Fans “Butterflies”

The amazing team backing Fac includes Rel Carter, who proposed the distribution deal, and Devin White.

Since being introduced to him, Carter and White have assisted him with branding, marketing, and the publication of “Butterflies.” Devin goes on to describe Fac’s music and worth ethic…

Fac is very genuine and it shows. And he’s got really good instincts. He knows what he wants and what it should feel like so from there it’s easy for me on the branding end to tie the knots together for his projects.”

His team positively reflects on his artistry. In addition, they often express their compliments in regards to his character. With the team’s continued success, they have established themselves as a force to be reckoned with.

The Fac Marlo – Pablo Visuals 

According to Fac, the visuals will be dropped when the time is right. While working on set with director Pablo, the two were able to bring their combined ideas to life. As a result, the dynamic duo created a beautifully polished piece of art.

It was a pleasure working with my guy, Fac Marlo! He’s super talented and, even more important, he’s consistent and dedicated to his craft. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!”, Pablo stated. 

What’s Next For Fac Marlo?

Fac’s “Butterflies” will surely attain long-term success thanks to his talents, business-minded approach, and commercial savvy qualities. In fact, Fac Marlo is hard at work in the studio, prepping for the release of his debut album.

While we wait for his highly anticipated music video to be released, be sure to follow Fac Marlo on social media and listen to his new single, “Butterflies” here at KAZI Magazine!


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