Ezra Plans Sets Plans After His Next Album’s ‘Ezra’ Release

Ezra, a 19-year-old independent recording artist, has been making waves around the globe for the hits he is dropping, his latest being ‘Wasted Time,’ that he views as the best he has done so far. He has traveled across the US and Israel, doing astounding performances.

He now plans to have a world tour after the next album, ‘Ezra,’ in which he will be collaborating with other renowned upcoming artists. Ezra also intends to give back to the community for he has already started earning by giving charity, and partnering with mental health hospitals to create awareness for mental health illnesses.

His greatest inspiration to making music is XXXtentaction, who he watched and listened to since he was a child, admiring his craft and seeing him grow to maturity. For more information and updates on the resilient youngster, visit his social media pages @whereisezra.

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