Experience ‘Queendemme’ – An Inspiring Video On Black Female Empowerment Set In Western Canada

Western Canada is known for its stunning landscapes, oil, and the Calgary Stampede; but what does not usually come to mind for those abroad, is a vibrant community of creative Black women. Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and is home to a small Black population, and hence, not a huge number of Black women, let alone those who identify as artists. Well, the Queendemme project set out to collectively spotlight the incredible array of talent in the city’s millennial and millennial-adjacent Black female population through film, photo, music, and experience. These women are creative, expressive, and icons in the making. Many of them also identify as ‘queens.’

‘Queendemme’ is a 7-part multimedia project that offers a snapshot into the lives of these amazing women. With reference to the word ‘kingdom,’ the name Queendemme was adapted to cheekily hold space as women, in a ‘queendom’, with a visual of the royals in Wakanda. The pronunciation (“gal-dem”) is a play on Caribbean slang, which means a group of girls. These 2 meld a nod to the various cultures that exist in the diaspora of blackness within Canada, such as these Caribbean/African influence. As one of Canada’s national languages, the “emme” is a nod to the French language word for women (‘femme.’) The “CA” in the original full-length title represents Calgary and Canada, creating ‘Queendemme’ to be a place.

Now, comes the release of the Queendemme, CA music video, continuing the project’s lighthearted yet meaningful commentary on the existence of royalty in coffee-colored skins in the prairies. Slated for release on September 1st, 2022, the video features Alberta legend Cheryl Foggo, footage from award-winning and festival-select cinematographers, and the Queendemme song by BLSNG, Sinzere, caedance, and Lady Channing. The audible-visual creation is an experience to be savored. You’ll fall in love with the women featured in this video and come away with a further appreciation for the power and accomplishments of Black women artists everywhere.

Producer Rheanna ‘caedance’ Lauren shares that the team is “extremely excited about the potential impact of this project, and [we are] confident that it will inspire positive empowerment in generations to come.”

The creative team behind ‘Queendemme,’ has already made positive waves with previous works. From their documentary to their 2-part photo series, live event, poem, and song, this project has something for every medium. Now, they’re inviting you to join them on the next phase of their journey: the official release of the ‘Queendemme’, music video on September 1st, 2022. Save the date, pull out the projector and invite some friends over. Get ready to savour the moment as you take in and support this independent short film and music video in one. As the team would say – “welcome to Queendemme!”


Media Contact: lauren@cmmngrind.com

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