Experience An Atmosphere Like never Before With Foletown’s “Atmosphere”

“Atmosphere” by Foletown, which just came out recently, has surpassed all the expectations of house music fans. Since its initial release, this new single has become so popular that it has launched the artist’s career and paved the way for his future.

He has released “Atmosphere” in an EP along with two other songs: “Space” and “Sauced.” The songs are arranged as such that once you hear them played together, you can stop!

Integrating the new styles of the music, while still embodying the origin of the genre itself, Foletown can create music in a unique and catchy style. This is quite evident through his new song “Atmosphere” since once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head.

The launch of his new song has created waves across all social media platforms. Fans are speculating that it would not surprise Foletown to be the face of the scene in the near future. His talent and knack for creating songs place him very high, even factoring in other artists.

Listen to “Atmosphere” on Spotify below:

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