Exciting Toronto Rapper Chiinabets Makes His Mainstream Debut

Chiinabets originated as an underground rapper and is now making his mainstream debut which includes two singles.

Honing his craft on the underground, his style and flavor have earned him the praise of a growing fanbase causing him to navigate the mainstream Hip Hop maze.

First off, Chiinabets links with a friend and fellow rapper, Young Smoke for the single “Trees” and the pair gives their ride-or-dies their flower with this joint.

Next comes “My Slime” showcasing Chiinabets rocking solo painting a picture about the pull of party life.

Chiinabets commercial debut has the music world talking and leaning in for more.

Talk is that his upcoming self-titled EP is going to spark the movement even more.

Keep up with all things Chiinabets via his Instagram

@ChiinabetsChiinabets on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/25Vs0V0yvxIApx5LDaWHJ5?si=_2nJGrDOSuCzGFayCIJuAQ

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