Everything About Tha Baztad 

Tha Baztad is an upcoming Independent American Rapper from Michigan.  Tha Baztads style is a blend of Rap/Hip-Hop, with a hint of Horrorcore and a little bit of hard rock.  Tha Baztad started writing lyrics at the age of 13 years old and is currently 20 years old.  Tha Baztad released a song for the first time on July 2nd of 2022, titled, “You Can Stay Here”.  Since then, Tha Baztad has released 6 other singles with, “Much more on the way”.  Tha Baztad has landed Herself digital press coverage with ThisIs50, Kazi Magazine, Hype Magazine, 24Hip-Hop, Prove Magazine, and twice with GenZ HipHop.  Tha Baztad has collaborated with a Missouri rapper by the name of NATEDOGGYSTL three times.  Tha Baztad released a new single on December 12th, 2022 titled, “Brain Drain” using a beat produced by Anabolic Beatz and released Her first EP, consisting of 6 songs, titled, “I’s Uv Eyesolashun” on December 23rd, 2022.  Tha Baztad is currently working on a few songs to start off strong in 2023.

You can find Tha Baztad on all social media here through the links below>>>>


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