Established DJ/Producer Miramar Shares His Top Wisdom

Building a thriving career in the music scene can be one of the most demanding tasks for most artists, producers, or even directors. It demands more than just musical talent for you to thrive in the mainstream.

Miramar is an established DJ, producer, and investor making his mark on the music scene. The innately gifted musical talent is widely known for his unmatched skills that have seen him work with versatile artists, including Rufus Du Sol, Thomas Jack, Viceroy, Travis Wild, Poolside, and Burning Man.

According to Miramar, it doesn’t matter the industry or particular project you’re working on. You should continue putting in the hard work and dedication required. It demands sacrifice and resilience to bring your dreams to life. Miramar encourages people to embrace a positive mindset and ensure they have a dynamic personality. Most importantly, he says that hard work beats talent any day.

“Always be sure to commit a little energy to each every day, always continue to chip away, even in small amounts. Before you know it, your daily progress will over time grow into your vision, and your goals will be met,” says Miramar.

In the coming years, Miramar wants to grow its musical brand and become an internationally celebrated artist. He aspires to have his music listened to by millions worldwide, helping positively impact lives. Miramar’s goal is also to have his music understood, shared, and ingested globally, a major reason he is working hard to carve out a sub-genre of sound that inspires others to create similar music everyone can relate to. He also wants to leverage his talent and influence to encourage other musical talents to pursue their dreams.

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