Erwan Alexis Releases Single “Redlight”

New York-based artist, Erwan Alexis, just released his much-anticipated single “Redlight”. released on March 19, 2021.
Visualize “Redlight” as the vibe of a dark side of Red Light District. This anti-heroic tale examines the complexities of love as a profession and navigates the realizations Erwan faces with a woman who doesn’t need to be “saved”. The play on words like many Hollywood depictions of prostitutes, “Pretty Woman”, “True Romance”. Alexis used “Redlight,” which tells a different story. Erwan doesn’t seek to rescue the woman, this woman is proud of who she is “these women don’t need those chains.”

This album is an illustration of empathy. It’s about showing our scars and their beauty. Erwan admires her and doesn’t mind loving under red lights. This song is part of a greater story this album tells. One of love, heartbreak, addiction, violence, and hope.
This purpose in mind “Redlight” is inspired by true events and reflects an unwritten story about the marginalized folk of society.
From surviving the streets in “Shoulda Coulda” to expressing the desperation of racial injustice in “Freedom Ring”. These songs begin with a conflict and ultimately find their resolution throughout this album. This is the core of Redlight’s message. Out of the darkness must come light. Deep in the dark underworld, there’s a way out. Us at Kazi Magazine are excited to see what is next. Welcome to the Red Light District.

Stay tuned for what Erwan Alexis is up too and make sure you stream Red-light below!

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