Erockfor Unveils Her “Heart” In New Single

The Canadian Cameroonian singer-songwriter, actress, burlesque performer and poet, EROCKFOR [pronounced eh-ROCK-for] is back! Keeping her word, the Canadian songstress returns with the release of her trendy track titled, “Heart”. Her new single comes on the back of last month’s well-received ”Sacral” . 

Her brand new single “Heart” holds more significance than just the lyricism. In fact, it is fittingly named after the fourth chakra ‘Anahata’. Which in Sanskrit translates to “unhurt”. It represents the love, empathy and compassion of Erockfor’s journey so far.


Since being back in Montreal after a six-year exile in Korea to flee her violent and adulterous marriage, Erockfor has been chronicling her journey back to healing and restoration. As a result, she’s released a record every month since May 2021 as the release of her highly anticipated debut album PHOENIX, quickly approaches. The forthcoming project is set to arrive at the end of October 2021. 

“Heart” is a powerful slow burning pop offering that is held together perfectly by Erockfor’s vulnerable lyricism, enchanting vocal performance, and captivating soundscapes. It was written by Erockfor herself and produced once again by LA-based electronic musician Blaire Michael. Additionally he has been working with Erockfor exclusively on the making of the Phoenix album.


Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Heart’, Erockfor goes on to say:

The song is inspired by the heart chakra and it is yet another step in my healing journey. There was once a time when I didn’t fully love myself. There was once a time I believed I was cursed. My self-talk was extremely negative. There was so much shame surrounding what led me to leave Montreal. Now, my love for self is unconditional. I am proud of myself. As I am whole and holy, as I sing in the song. I hope this message reaches a lot of people, because trauma can really make you question your worth. The chorus is a literal love letter to self. So hopefully, listeners can sing along and mean every word”.

– Erockfor

Erockfor has returned to her hometown of Montreal after spending six years in Seoul, where she has been working on her debut album. It explores her journey from the events that drove her to Korea to where she is now. She does so over a genre-bending fusion of sonic beds ranging from jazz and pop to soul, afrobeats, and house music.


She has a very distinctive voice that has brought comparisons to Cyndi Lauper, Macy Gray and Amy Winehouse. Erockfor’s creative outlets also extend beyond music, as the Canadian Cameroonian native is also revered as a burlesque performer, actress and published poet like previously mentioned.

If you haven’t already, be sure to press play on her brand new hit single “Heart”. Let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine. First, take a look at our interview with the striving superstar below. 


  • Hey Erockfor! It’s such a pleasure to have you back here at KAZI Magazine. Before we jump into our interview to talk about your brand new track, “Heart”, your artistry, what’s next, and more; please tell us a little more about who Erockfor is and where it all began! 

Thank you for having me! I’ve always known I wanted to sing for a living. I just spent many years being shy and afraid to really give music my all. Music is such a huge part of me. I finally gained the confidence to be me once I started doing burlesque. My friend asked me to join an all-Black burlesque group in Seoul, and I said yes (I was on a yes kick). I was so nervous at first but I quickly became super comfortable on stage. I then started singing jazz tunes in my burlesque acts. From there, I realized it was time to release my original music.”

  • How did you find music? Did you grow up in a musical household, or are you first generation?

My mom would play Tina Turner, Sade and Toni Braxton growing up. My bros and I would write songs and record ourselves. I grew up obsessing over music, recording music videos and watching countdown shows on TV. I’m a radio kid. So my tastes are pretty much all over the place. I’d sing all the time, which would annoy my siblings on occasion lol”


  • You have a beautiful and unique sound. Who would you credit as your influences? 

Thank you! Tina Turner is a big influence. Billie Holiday as well. I’m also a huge fan of Macy Gray.”

  • As an amazing songstress with a genre-bending and versatile sound, how did you get to the place where you appreciated the genres like jazz and pop to soul, afrobeats, and house music? 

I’m of West African descent so afrobeats speak to my soul. I grew up listening to the radio, so I grew an appreciation for all kinds of music. As for jazz, I really fell in love with it in Seoul. I was coming up with burlesque routines to jazz songs, and I decided to sing the songs myself. I fell in love with the storytelling in jazz songs. Then I started gigging as a jazz singer around Seoul.”

  • All of your music is very personal, is it hard to be so vulnerable for the world utilizing your gift and outlet as a voice? 

Somehow, I’m comfortable sharing my story through song. The hardest part about being an artist is the desire to have people like what you do. I try to focus on creating art I’m proud of, but I would be a liar if I said I didn’t care about how my music is received.”

  • What story are you trying to convey as a new artist? What makes you unique?

Those who have known me for years know how shy I used to be. I really want people to know that it’s never too late to go after what brings you joy. My story is about growth and renewal. I’ve changed a lot throughout the years, partially because life happens and also because I took a chance on myself and tried.”

  • When you’re not recording and performing, what other hobbies make you tick?

I love playing Dutch blitz and chess. I’m also into tarot. I love to travel, and I’m what my family would call a foodienne.”


  • How is the cyclone of good fortune around your rapidly rising music career and latest release, “Heart”? How are you handling all of it? 

Thank you for this. I receive this blessing! I think that the feeling of disappointment sticks around much longer than the feeling of success. When I receive good news, I don’t really let it sink in for long. I’m working on being more present and truly appreciating the fact that my dreams are coming true.”

  • Following up such a great track like “I Don’t Want You Back”… you came back with an even more emotional and deep feeling record. What would you say is your secret weapon to producing such authentic and high quality music? 

I write from the heart as cheesy as that sounds. Making music is spiritual for me. I also work with an amazing producer Blaire Michael. She’s a well of dope ideas!”

  • Your latest release, “Heart” comes as a pleasant surprise, is it the third offering for your forthcoming project titled ‘Phoenix’ set to drop October 2021? 

Thank you! It’s the fourth! The third is “Sacral””


  • Oh wow! Staying consistent! I’m cueing “Alexa” right now to play it! With that being said, what can we expect from you on your highly anticipated EP?

You can expect pop, rock with lots of soul! You can expect growth and transformation. I’m really looking forward to its release!”

  • Thank you so much again for chopping it up with myself for KAZI Magazine today! Before we close out, is there a message that you’d like to leave fans with?

Thanks so much for your ongoing support, KAZI! My message would be this: when in doubt, do! If there’s something you’ve always wanted to do, go for it. Find me on social media and I’ll give you a pep talk through dm lol Thanks so much for streaming my music, and I hope to continue to create art that resonates with you!”


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