Eric Zayne Is Here To “Only Want You” In New Single

The international waters are warming up with cross-over crooner by way of the war torn Congo, Eric Zayne! The multifaceted musician has left his mark in music as he’s worked with some of your favorite mainstream moguls. In fact, Eric is the singer-songwriter and producer behind Grammy-Award winning artists such as: H.E.R, CEELO GREEN, and BTS. 

“Only Want You”

Ready to return from behind the scenes, Eric dabbles back into the forefront. Living in his own limelight, Eric Zayne releases his most recent record titled “Only Want You”. The new soothing sounds of Eric come as a minimally organized soul-ballad, delivered to an assembly of organs, horns, percussion, and electric guitar. 

“Only Want You” has the same sonic signature as his previous release,“ I Can’t Help Myself (in-studio performance)”. Which received a lot of play on popular streaming playlists like Fresh Finds, Apple Music, Amazon, and YouTube Music to name a few. When listening, lyrically, the single is reminiscent of the timeless tracks received by ‘Rock and Soul’ legends like Prince and Stevie Wonder. His music is written and woven with the same poetic influence his inspirations possessed. Instead he blends in a modern-day, new vintage feel.

The Rise Of Eric Zayne

EZ utilized his passion for music to drown out the noise of destruction surrounding him in Congo. As a result, he tapped into his musical imagination and made a career out of it. His family sent him to MONTREAL (as a refugee) when he was 11 years old. This is where he discovered a way to begin expressing his artistic talents. Music kept him company until he was reunited with his family years later. 

When Eric Zayne is not writing music for TV and FILM projects or collaborating with chart-topping artists and producers, he’s developing his NEW VINTAGE sound: an electric fusion of funk, rock, and soul. If you aren’t already, do yourself the favor and get familiar with the man ‘behind the scenes’ of BTS! For now, press play on “Only Want You” on your preferred DSP. Lastly, let us know what you think here at KAZI Magazine


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