Eric Bellinger Sheds “New Light” With New Album

Eric Bellinger returns to bring some fresh, new R&B to the industry and fans. His most recent release comes to us in the form of his ‘New Light’ LP, bringing nothing but the hits! 

For the multifaceted GRAMMY-award winning singer-songwriter this project is very personal and taps into a new world of Eric Bellinger, bringing “New Life” to R&B. Throughout the years, Eric has become a staple in rhythm & blues with nearly 2 Billion streams and counting! Yes, BILLION. He currently averages over 4 million Spotify listeners a month and with this new release, there’s no telling how high those numbers will sky rocket. 


His brand new LP, New Light, is undoubtedly one for the books and to be remembered. As it sits as his most intimate and greatest work to date. This brand new project reveals a side of the singer-songwriter that fans have never heard before and we couldn’t be more pleased! Tapping into his growth and self-reflection, Eric fuses together his new found development and artistry so effortlessly. 

From start to finish, the brand new project is a no-skip necessary masterpiece. The album includes a star-studded line up featuring Brandy, Sevyn, Dom Kennedy, The Game, Kierra Sheard, and Teedra Moses. Additionally, the unmatched high-end quality of production comes from industry heavy hitters Zaytoven, OG Parker, Rodney Jerkins, Ayo & Keyz and Jazze Pha, just to name a few. 


Accompanying the announcement, Eric debuted the album’s trailer. Which details his personal journey within the music industry and how it prepared him for this release. Take a look at the paired visuals below — tell us your thoughts! 

Grab your headphones or blare it on your speakers as you delve into the world of Eric Bellinger! Let him take you on a ride as he shines “New Light” into your life with his latest offering. Be sure to press play on the New Light album and let us know what you think! First, keep reading and check out our interview with the industry goat — EB as we had the pleasure of chopping it up with him on the day of the release. 


Eric Bellinger Celebrates His Release With KAZI Magazine

  • Hey Eric! First and foremost, let’s celebrate! Congratulations on the release of your LP, NEW LIGHT! I’m so excited to hop into this interview and learn all about it! Thank you so much for taking time out today during an amazingly great yet I’m sure busy day, today. But let’s kick it off — where did it all begin?

Okay, so this album, I would say… I’ve really birthed in Atlanta. I’m a big fan of Jazzy Pha and I’ve been a big fan of him. You know, since you know, back when he was fizzle, fizzle fizzle. Oh, boy. You know, from Ciara’s “Goodies” like all of them songs was like, I just felt like he understand. And he understood the combination of like, radio single, but still knowing how to add the soul, still knowing how to have like the street element in it. And, you know, when I call him like, yo, we got link again, I’m starting off my new album, I want to start it with you. He was like, come on down. So I flew right out. And we did “Go Get It” and countless other songs that first night, and I knew I was in the right place.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • Your artistry and creativity speaks volumes in your music. I’m curious to know how you put pen to paper? What’s your creative process like? 

I like listening to beats, like multiple beats. I’ll hear 20 beats and either say no. Or, you know, the first beat I hear maybe if it’s special enough I’lI just load it up, but I really feel like the beat selection is the main main part to having a hit song, you know, no matter how good you are sometimes in that booth it is like Yo, if you got an ugly Canvas, you know, it’s gonna be a lot a lot tougher to make a masterpiece, you know

So I try to find the beat that not only is the best to me in the moment, but that also matches my vibe for that day. You know, and then once I once I got a good good beat and my vibe is right in the studio whether that’s some smoke whether that is some laser lights, whether it’s just whatever the vibes are, you know, that’s how I can just kind of go crazy.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • Also, with such an expansive musical catalog, as the artist, which record would you say, released or unreleased, is the best song you ever made and why?

I think my song “Reward” on my album, ‘The Rebirth’ is probably one of the greatest written songs of all times.. I just feel like we tapped into like a different frequency that day. You got me you got Victoria Monet, you got Tommy Brown, you got D Mile, you know, all of these incredible creators in one place, and we just kept pushing it. Like normally you do two three songs a night, you know, like, on a cool night. But we just kept going on that one song like, let’s make it longer. Let’s, let’s keep going. He’s like, wait, change the music. So now the song is five and a half, six minutes. And we just got bars from zero to six minutes.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021

New Life The Album — 

  • Based on the LP’s title, New Life, it sounds personal and I’m all for it. Would you say this is a vulnerable project for you?

“Yeah, I think so. Because I think a lot of the themes have always been kind of external. You know, my love that I fell for La’Mya or “Eric B for President” or you know, like “Eventually” for the women to find love eventually. Or “Choose Up Season” with me choosing up or ‘Cuffing Season’, you know, but I think “New Light” was about me and self reflection and looking in the mirror and, you know, taking the time off with quarantine and isolation to just look in the mirror and you know, like, it was little things that that I just kind of had to face you know

I’m a person that normally would avoid confrontation. But when I was faced with nothing but time, you know, I’m glad I didn’t let the idle time you know, detour me because it could have distract me but instead, you know, I buckled down harder and you know, was able to express my emotions via mp3.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • Next, from start to finish — how long would you say it took to curate?

Yeah. I would say a year and a half two years. Definitely we really we really took some time on this so normally I’ll do like four albums a year. Exactly. Instead, we was just like Yo, let’s really try to hone in and perfect this one and and give people a body of work that you know will stand for years to come.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • Off the brand new album, what would you say is your favorite lyrical highlight, which record and why?

I think “Counting My Blessings” man lyrically, I think I grew up in church. So that’s one thing that is something that stuck with me always. So to now have a gospel song and have Kira Sheard on it. It’s really like a dream come true. You know, like, I really feel like, I can know that God is saying well done my good and faithful servant, you know, because I feel like I took my platform and still gave him the glory, but just in my own way.

You know, I think a lot of times people in church expect it to look a certain way. But when it when they don’t understand it, they question it, or they frown upon it, you know, and with this, there’s no doubt in my mind, you know, that people are seeing the light in that, that I’m a positive influence amongst a lot of my listeners and a lot of the people just tuning in, you know.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • Additionally, now that outside is opening up — which song off the new project are you most excited to perform? 

Oh, weeee, man, I honestly the way girls like, you know is that girls like you sounding right now I just did a radio interview and they played it loud. And I got to hear it with a bunch of people. You know, I just been kind of playing them by myself with close friends, but to see other people respond to it. It’s kind of like, I knew I wasn’t crazy. I noticed I knew this was an incredible song. Yes. To see people in a communal form, enjoying the music. You know, like, bruh, when we go on tour, it’s like, over like, I already know what’s about to happen. It’s crazy!”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • When announcing it hitting streaming platforms, you took to IG to touch on the process behind the curation of the album. Would you like to further speak on it? What made the approach for this project different yet so beneficial in comparison to your previous releases?

  • With that being said, what’s one thing you learned while making New Light?

I think one big thing is be receptive to others input you know. I got my own studio, deep in the valley. And I kind of just created by myself a lot of times but this is the most people I’ve ever had involved with an album — ever. I did four camps, four writing camps. And we had like 100 songs and I chiseled it down to the 15 but it was so many people like maybe look at some of the species is like who’s gonna get paid but it’s just crazy. Yeah, that was fun. You know, you just got to be receptive to you know, more people but you know, I think it has to be the right people the right synergy, but great minds definitely think alike.

I feel like it’s a it was a more the merrier in this trial. I did enjoy it, you know, I’m really good at like moderating rooms and spearheading sessions to where I can kind of take a leadership role even if I don’t say a word in the session just the communication and the ability to retrieve other people’s thoughts and then make them my own in itself is kind of like a you know, Quincy Jones type thing that I feel is a gift that I didn’t even really know I had but just to be able to hear things before they’re actually a hit. You know, like that’s a big a big gift that I feel like I’ve embraced more along the process.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021

The Career & What’s Next ? — 

  • As a fan for years, the growth and evolution of Eric Bellinger has been an amazing sight to see. What can we expect from this reintroduction? 

I just think people can expect a lot more. Just put together everything a lot polish, I feel like I have a bigger team. Now. You know, one thing that I had people knew me as the singer, songwriter, the solo artist, the CEO of the label, all of these things. But now I feel like I can really focus on singing the songs performing the songs. And, you know, everyone is really great at what they do around me. So it’s like, you know, this person can handle that that person can handle this. And I can really, really give people the best version of Eric Bellinger that they came to see.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • Next, being a songwriter/singer, penning hits for some of the industry’s favorites, (Usher and Chris Brown, just to name a few) how does it feel to make not only amazing music for yourself but also helping others find success?

“Man, it is really the cherry on top, you know, because at the end of the day, people can look at me and genuinely know that I’m really not just here for me, you know what I mean? I could just be selfish, like “y’all can’t get none of these songs!” But I really only want the songs to be spread, I really only want more ears to hear. And I really only want more eyes to see. Because I feel like the songs that I am creating, or that I’m a part of whether I’m writing it co writing it just in the room. I’m gonna inspire, you know, and it’s something that I’ve accepted.

Then I know, my gift is to create, you know, God gave me an endless amount of melodies and endless amount of words, an endless amount of experience to always continue to put into music. So it’s like, you know, the more people we can touch, the better. And I know that I can’t do it by myself. So, you know, why not, you know, spread the love and spread the publishing You digggg?!”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • Fresh off the release, surrounded by nothing but great fortune… I have to ask — what’s next for Eric Bellinger? 

So check it out. We turning up for the album. I mean, the album came out today and then next week, I’m already going to be doing some acting. I got a dope acting gig that I’m excited about and I start shooting next week.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021
  • Lastly, Congratulations on the new acting gig! As we wrap up the interview, I want to thank you for your time! Is there a message you want to leave with fans?

“Yeah, I want to tell people to dig and and don’t be afraid to search the areas that they don’t like about themselves. I know we liked it. We know our our best features and we know our best angles. But if there’s a certain thing, whether it’s external or internal that you don’t like about yourself. I want to challenge people to confront that and see how it makes them feel after they conquer their own inner flaw or their own mental flaw or whatever it may be. Because if you could turn that around on your own, you’ll feel like a winner on the inside and it’ll glow on the outside.”

– Eric Bellinger, 9|10|2021

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