Energy Is Everything & SZA Radiates

It has been a few weeks since entering Scorpio season, fittingly also entering another SZA
season. In 2021 SZA said on Instagram, “Every season is my season”, and she has been
proving that ever since. Most recently with her Oct.28th release of “Shirt” and the official video
starring Lakeith Lee Stanfield. Then on her 33rd birthday, she started the clock to the release of
her next album with a teaser video to “PSA”. SZA also announced a return to SNL as a musical
guest alongside hosting debut Keke Palmer on December 3rd.

As an SZA fan myself, I not only see the TDE artist posing nude in her recent “PSA” Teaser but
as always, baring vulnerability as she stands alone in a ring of fire singing.

I don’t want nobody callin’ me anything but number one
Know I got problems, I don’t know how to take losses
Even when, even when they are lost causes
I waste my energy plenty, serve me to bury my envy, but
I’d rather chase it in Henny.

Fueling fans and peers with energy as we wait for her follow-up to “CTRL”. As of now we’re left
to speculate what SZAs’ highly anticipated album has in store. Analyzing hints from her official
“Shirt” video to hints on social media.

Though, she let Complex know in a recent interview that she’s “not rushing anything”. A
welcomed reminder to rising and established artists that it’s okay for them to want their work to
be on their terms, Stating, “I live in my ideal situation”. Proven to work in her favor as “CTRL”
remains on Billboard’s top 200 list five years after its 2017 release. She also made it clear that
her next album doesn’t have a specific sound and she’s choosing based on tracks that serve
her. As she spoke to her inner child on Instagram just days ago, writing, “time is now… I got
you,” gives insight into the impact of this next album.

Until then, keep enjoying “Shirt” and everything SZA which, if you are anything like me, means
keeping broken clocks and 20-something on a never-ending loop.

staff writer: hussypr

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