Another Highly Anticipated Song Release By Endtimez “For The Streets” Debuts Summer ‘22

Orlando Florida’s very own Endtimez has been making his way onto the music scene with his undisguised and unguarded lyrics. Singing since he was a kid, Endtimez has put out some of his early tracks under the pseudonym “Snoop E” and “2Faced”. Endtimez began to gain traction once one of his freestyles went viral on blog posts like Saycheese, HipHopRevival, and DomIsLiveNews. Endtimez has recorded his music at Studio 18 in Orlando, FL and has been recording there for the past four years. He hopes to one day work with musical legend Eminem.

When we asked Endtimez what his goals are in the music industry, he said, “I want to help people who have mental health issues. I want to reach people who have suicidal thoughts and help them come out of that, just like I was able to do.” His biggest achievement is being alive to see the age of 21 after a suicide attempt at 16, which put him in a mental hospital for an extended amount of time.

After gaining recognition on social media, he realized he had natural talent and needed to keep pushing forward. Endtimez has been working on new singles including ‘Alienated’, ‘PTSD’, ‘On Mars’, ‘New Wave’ and more; all to be released before the end of the year. The most highly anticipated of the new releases is “For The Streets” set to debut this summer.
Be on the lookout for new music from this young phenom, Endtimez – follow him on Instagram and Spotify.

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