Embi Royal Is Here With “1825 days” and More

Shining out of the sunshine state is none other than multi-talented creative, EMBI Royal. In 2017, the Florida-bred singer-songwriter and producer decided to create the life he imagined by seeing his vision come to fruition by doing more with his music. 

After an unfortunate yet meaningful romantic relationship came to an end, Mario Bruno wanted to really explore and discover his identity. As a result, he came to be the artistic creative we know to be. The artist who wears a mask as a sign of security and immunity from the world’s emotional distress and heartbreak.

The Missing Piece

Mario seems to have found Embi Royal to be the missing piece of his puzzle — life. After ten years of classical vocal training, eight years of music production lessons, and what seems like a lifetime of polishing his songwriting talents. He has honed his craft and built a career off of his talents. 

His artistry and music reminds others that it is okay to feel terrified, unhappy, or even lost. He believes you will come back stronger than before. In addition, Embi Royal has already begun to carve out a presence in the music business with an intimate fan following behind him. 


Embi’s first major track “1825 Days” is here and accumulating numbers on a daily. The trendy track has already reached over 100,000 streams and counting. Fast forward to today and he’s establishing himself as an emerging artist and his artistry. Undoubtedly, Embi Royal is a one-stop shop for music creation, singing, composing, and producing his own music, with a signature look to top it off. 

In conclusion, stay tuned here at KAZI Magazine for more on Embi Royal! For now check out the lyric video for his most recent release titled, “1825 Days”. Also, you can stream the track above on all streaming platforms! 


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