Eliyiah: A Refreshing Voice In Hip-Hop

Eliyiah, hailing from Enschede, The Netherlands, is rapidly making a name for himself as a rising star in the music industry. Renowned for his electrifying blend of poprap, poprock, and hip-hop, Eliyiah has been driven by a passion for music from a young age. With a self-taught approach to music production and songwriting, he has honed his skills and emerged as a remarkable talent.

The sound of Eliyiah Eliyiah’s sound has been influenced by a diverse range of artists and genres, including Machine Gun Kelly, Juice WRLD, The Kid Laroi and more. However, he has created his own signature sound that sets him apart from others in the industry. He strives to inspire and empower his listeners with his music and hopes to positively impact the music world. Let’s talk to him and learn a little more about who he is as an artist and his artistry.

What is music to you?

“Music is my escape from the busyness of everyday life. When I put on my headphones and the beat plays in the studio, I enter another world where I don’t have to think about the pressures of the day-to-day. Music is more than just a collection of sounds to me. It is a universal language that transcends borders, cultures, and languages, connecting people on a level that words cannot. Whether I’m playing, listening, or singing along, music has the power to evoke emotions, inspire creativity, and bring people together in a way that is truly magical.”

Can you walk us through your songwriting process?

“It may sound weird, but I try to think as little as possible when making music. I go into studio sessions feeling as ’empty’ as possible, so I can truly discover what lies within me and express it through my lyrics. After all, this approach allows me to tap into a deeper level of creativity and authenticity that results in an unique story. I love being able to share these stories with my listeners, hoping to inspire them with the message and emotion behind each song.”

What makes you different in music?

“Being a Dutchman, I took the initiative to make English-language music. This is a bold step that not everyone dares to take. My unique workflow allows me to write most songs in just 30 to 60 minutes. With my background as a producer, I am largely involved in mixing my music myself. My unique approach of starting with a blank slate and ending up with a story deeply rooted within me after recording my vocals is something that often surprises even me upon listening back. Additionally, I often make my music bilingual, and my natural ability to understand and connect with my audience allows me to interact with them smoothly. Most importantly, I always remain authentic in my music-making approach, and I am proud to be self-taught. Lastly, I will never enter into contracts that dictate how or what music I should
make. I will and must maintain my musical freedom at all costs.”

Where do you see yourself in the near future?

“In 5 years, I see myself as an artist who has successfully built an international and dedicated fanbase, having released a few Dutch language singles while continuing to collaborate with emerging and established artists worldwide. I hope to have had the opportunity to perform at more and larger events, and even more importantly, to inspire and positively impact others through my music. Despite any success, remaining a good person and staying true to myself will always be my top priority, and I hope to continue to enjoy making music as much as I do now.”

Do you have a preference for intimate or larger performances?

“Honestly, I don’t think I have a preference for intimate or larger performances. However, I must admit that I feel more comfortable in smaller settings where I can connect more directly with my audience. I believe that smaller shows allow for a more intimate and personal experience, which is what music is all about for me. Of course, if I have the opportunity to perform for a larger audience, I will gladly take it and do my best to deliver an unforgettable show, although of course this is and always will be very exciting. What a lot of people don’t know is that I’m actually not a person who likes being in the spotlight at all, but as an artist that just has to happen from time to time, of course. As for my recent focus, after two big radio campaigns in 2022 and 2023 (Bol.com & Getir), I decided to shift my attention to creating new music. It was important to establish a strong musical foundation first, and we plan to actively pursue performances and bookings in 2024-2025.”

What are you most proud of so far?

“One of my proudest moments so far was my collaboration with JayWillz. It was a huge milestone for me to work with him and create something together. Seeing my music out in the world and getting feedback from fans was an incredible feeling. I’m also proud of the positive impact my music has had on others. Hearing from fans who have connected with my lyrics or found comfort in my music is incredibly humbling and inspiring. I’m also incredibly proud of the growth I’ve seen in myself as an artist. Over the years, I’ve developed my skills in songwriting, performing, and producing, and it’s been amazing to see how far I’ve come. Lastly, I’m proud of the way I’ve been able to balance my music career with staying true to myself and my values. It can be easy to get caught up in the industry and lose sight of what’s important, but I’ve worked hard to stay grounded and focused on what matters most to me.”

In the long term, what would you like to be your lasting impact as Eliyiah?

“I hope to be remembered for my hard work and perseverance, as I started in the music industry with no connections or network. I also believe that you don’t necessarily need exceptional talent to make music these days, as passion, determination, and self-confidence can be enough, just as it was in my case. I would like to be remembered as someone who pursued his dreams and didn’t let the opinions of others hold him back, and someone who was able to create a life that he wanted and found happiness in doing so. I want to be remembered as someone who stayed true to themselves, never gave up on their dreams, and inspired others to do the same – that can be my legacy.”

For now, press play and stream the striving star’ new single “Lose You” to get familiar.
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