Eli Manny Starts His Career With “Bust”

Eli Manny is making his visual debut today with his first career video. Moreover, the super melodic, fast-moving track is no fail. “Bust” shows the fit musician acting out to his new bass-heavy track in California. You can see the hills behind him as he stands on ledges and flex throughout the whole home. Good production is always a plus but his passionate voice makes it easy for listeners to become attached to the song. Eli Manny is a crooner and is taking lessons from some of the highest streaming acts in the industry right now.

Pearlhouse GB did a great job capturing the illustrious video from the energetic young phenom from Texas. Musicians are known for starting off with a lot of struggle but he is looking like he might be on a good path. BrendvnPaul is responsible for the guitar-laced production that takes over the track. The trunk-rattling percussion pairs well with Manny’s crooning. We are looking forward to seeing where the new creative goes from here. If this is the way he is starting then he might be just fine. Today’s industry has more artists than ever but songs like this make it through.

Check out the fiery new visual for “Bust” here below!

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