Elevated The Music Producer and Artist Setting New Heights

Elevated was always fascinated with making music from a young age. From the age of 12, he used to produce music from his old laptop with Fl Studio. At the time, he only had the demo version, so he would create as much as he could and export it knowing he couldn’t make any changes later. Having access to Sky-plus at home allowed him to watch BET, and he would rewind the same song trying to reproduce it from what he could hear. To him, it was all for fun, working towards fulfilling his genuine curiosity of sounds.

But this later transitioned into a passion, and it became more than just a hobby. The name Elevated was inspired by some of the music he used to listen to a lot, such as Hyyer Education, Majestic Casual, 88rising, and many others. He also did not want people to know his real name.

At college, Elevated would make and upload beats on YouTube. He used his YouTube page to sell some of his beats to anyone who showed an interest. Once his YouTube channel kicked in, he met several artists in the music industry with whom he started working and the name, Elevated, became his musical identity.

Elevated’s first major project was Octavian’s mixtape, Spaceman. Elevated got the chance to make most of the beats in the mixtape, some of which were from his YouTube. He also was given the opportunity to be in the studio with Octavian and this led to making more classical music. Elevated says it was a significant achievement for him and from which he earned his current producer tag. He has since grown to work with other notable names in the music scene, including Central Cee, Fredo, Giggs, Jorja Smith, Jay1, Yxng Bane, Ynw Melly, and other artists. He also hints that he has many unreleased music with many artists.

Elevated’s most significant accomplishment was composing the music for the documentary, “The Outsiders,” which was directed by Simon Fredrick. It was a major project that forced him outside his musical comfort zone. It also allowed him to showcase his diversity as a musician. Also, the documentary covered an interesting topic that made it even special for Elevated to be part of the project. 

“My advice would be to make music that is true to you. Trends come and go. Make music for you, not for money or fame, but focus on the quality and what sounds best to you. And everything else will follow. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things. A lot of great music comes from accidents and mistakes,” advises Elevated.

An ambitious artist, Elevated promises the next twelve months to be a more productive season for him. He wants to work with many more international artists and also tour the world. He hopes to visit the US and many other countries and meet his fans outside of the UK.

“Look out for a lot more tracks produced by myself coming out in 2022. Can’t name the projects, but things are on the way! Also, there may be an Elevated artist project soon!,” hints Elevated. 

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