Electrify your soul with Niv Ariel’s brand new single “Electric”

Niv Ariel’s new track “Energy” is breaking streaming records again. The song describes the cause behind Matthew’s quick and rapid rise in fame. With this one, he has shaken the internet. Streaming records all over the internet are being broken.

His EP, published this year, has three songs: “Electric,” “Breakdown,” and “Can’t Stop” The tracks are chosen to provide the listener with a comprehensive experience. As a result, you can’t merely listen to “Electric” and be satisfied. You must listen to the full EP or risk missing out on the experience.

Niv’s specialty is mixing noises from numerous sources and creating the right sound. As a consequence, a song that is catchy, topical, and very popular is created. “Electric” is a shining example of this. 

Nivis a popular musician in the house music genre, thanks to the chart-topping popularity of his tracks. He is being talked about on all social media platforms, with admirers applauding him for his ability to write songs that satisfy listeners. He is sure to succeed in the future.

Listen to “ Electric” on Spotify 

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