Eighty8: The Big 8PE At Cash Money Records!

Eighty8 is a buzzworthy Cash Money Records signee who is coming to fans from North Miami, Florida! Returning with his most recent release, the Miami-born musician provides a gold plated glimpse into his striving stardom with the release of his trendy track titled, “The Realest“! Eighty8 unveils the vibrant visuals to accompany his new banger, which complements its amazing audio. His captivating cadence, laid over the luscious production, really gets fans going.

In fact, Eighty8 sets the tone with his sizzling new single, bringing new life to the already hypnotic hit with its paired music video. The Zach Geitner-produced track is built around an irresistible beat punctuated by sharp 808s and a simmering groove.

Eighty8 Back With Another “HIT”

While the south is known for breeding raw talent, Eighty8 made waves last year as he flooded the charts with his breakout banger, “Hit”. Right away, the raved record amassed over 2M YouTube views on the visual while shattering streams on all DSPs. In doing so, the raved record received recognition from the masses as well as prestigious platforms such as: HipHopDX, RESPECT Magazine, and more. Additionally, The Miami New Times named him one of “The 10 Rappers to Watch in 2022” and included an in-depth interview of the rising rhymer. 

Eighty8 effortlessly blends R&B, hip-hop, pop, and island sounds to create a unique and innovative sound that transcends genres. As a result, he continues to produce timeless music that resonates with a broad range of listeners. The release also drew the attention of XXL, who chose the Miami native to compete for the prestigious 2022 Freshman class’s 10th voting spot. When speaking on whether he uses a pen and pad or punch in and out when creating his craft, the raved rhymer goes on to say:

“I don’t write, I just go in and do my thing. Writing restricts me. It flows easier for me in the studio, I just let it go. I can’t take any of the credit, but I remain so creative from the most high! Also just life. Music is meant to move you and not let you get stuck in one place. Whatever it is I’m going through or feeling I make music based off of that. It’s hard to not feel inspired when there’s so much going on everyday when I wake up. I got sh*t to talk about.

Live Vicariously Through Eighty8’s Visual Mixtape

Following out his standout single “Hit”, Eighty8 delivers an enticing 8-minute tantalizing audio-visual experience. It transports viewers to the emotional depths of his spirit, story, and artistic freedom. The Visual Mixtape serves as a conceptual presentation that includes snippets of new music as well as behind-the-scenes footage. While each track has its own distinct sound, they are all seamlessly interconnected. In doing so, it introduces the soundscape of the Haitian/Jamaican American artist’s sensational range. The popular project includes fan favorites and trendy tracks “Trilly Wonka”, “Heartless”, “Juvi”, “Wild Child”, “Feel It In The Air”, and “Hit”. Press play below as the booming, buzzworthy Cash Money Records signee gives a glorifying glimpse to his budding star status. In fact, the unique offering can be experienced on his Official Eighty8 YouTube channel. 

It’s a tease. I have a lot of music in the stash. I’ve been making a lot of music. People who know me for making a lot of music are like yo you need to put out more music. So I didn’t want to hold on to too much music. So I said let me put it out and see how the people feel about it and based off of that response, you will get it and get to see me in my element. It’s quick but to the point.

Eighty8 continues to deliver on his promise. Showcasing the depths of his dynamic artistry that sets him apart from other artists with his latest release “The Realest”. After amassing over 3 million organic Spotify streams alone, receiving praise from prestigious publications and platforms, and inking his Cash Money Records deal in 2020 — Eighty8 is ready to reintroduce himself to the world after further honing his craft. 

“It’s BIG 8PE SH*T – CAN’T NOBODY SAY SH*T! It’s a whole lotta pressure!”

When further discussing what it was like signing to the music’s monstrous major label, CMR, Eighty8 elaborates:

“It felt right. To be real with you, in this business you can’t just deal with anybody. A lot of people get into situations just because but when you sign to greatness and are attached to what they already paved the way for it propels your future to go further. You’re nothing without your team, so if you sign to motherf—- who don’t believe in you or your artistry it won’t go well. You have to go where people are passion about you and your craft. I feel like that with my team at Cash Money. They’re passionate about this Big 8pe sh*t!”

Introducing The Eighty8 Effect

When talking about versatility, creativity and overall musical geniuses… remember to mention Eighty8! He effortlessly translates emotional extremes into an unpredictable and undeniable hybrid of R&B, hip-hop, pop, and island flavors, drawing on Jamaican and Haitian heritage. As for his unique and unmatched stage name, it was developed during a period of self-discovery. After discovering that the number 8 represents power and peace and unity, the rest was history. Just like his artistry, his presence aligns. Previously the singer-turned-rapper embarked on a spiritual quest which enabled him to discover his new persona. Although he had been Eighty8 for a long time before that, he went and got the number eight tattooed on his right shoulder and chest. He was born on August 26th, the eighth month of the year (two plus six is eight). Not only does it represent his birthday, but the number 88 also represents prosperity and wealth in numerology.

Introducing The Eighty8 Effect Continued

Eighty8 (88) is very near and dear to me. It’s not just a number as how most may perceive it. I didn’t just name myself that you know – “felt cool”. It’s deeper to me. I’m born in Aught, the 8th month. i’m into numerology and astrology. They’re big to me ya know what I’m saying? So my life path number is 3 then the 8 but before getting all of that… just understanding what numbers are. Everything is based off of numbers.

The “8” for me was where I was at with my journey and just learning more, reading more, and experiencing more I just grew a better understanding of the number 8 and what it meant for me. It’s peace, prosperity, and wholeness. 88 is revealed by cultures because it vibrates at a higher frequency”.

Born and raised on Miami’s North Side, Eighty8 discovered he could sing at the age of three. He spent hours replaying an old Michael Jackson VHS as he obsessively studied the King of Pop. Despite citing Michael Jackson and Usher as influences, he now finds inspiration in Miami OGs Trick Daddy and Plies as well. Throughout middle school, he sang to girls in the hallways while wowing the audience at pep rallies and talent shows with show-stopping performances.

“MJ – that’s the goat! We can sit here and talk for hours. He was innovative. I want to be just like that by pushing the culture forward. Although my city influenced my sound ALOT, but The King inspired me beyond that. He inspired me with showmanship. He was the master showman. So when fans really get the chance to see me perform, they’ll see how I really put my all into my performance. That’s the biggest part.

From 4thandOcean to Hitting The Jackpot With Cash Money Records

Additionally, as a teenager, he was a member of the R&B group 4thand Ocean, recording music under Warner Bros. Records. Eighty8 was a rising singer in the group founded by Bigg D and Lamb, 4th & Ocean, nearly seven years ago. If you remember hits like “Bussin It” and “Peyton Manning,” you’ve already been exposed to Eighty8’s rare talent and range.

While all things come to an end, following the dissolution of the group, he caught the attention of Ballistic Beats. I’m doing so, the raved rhymer released his trendy track “Pree”. The standout single garnered great attention. It made its way into the hearts and ears of Cash Money Records where he inked a deal with the monumental music label in 2020. Not long after signing, Eighty8 began to build his catalog at Cash Money. Soaring to stardom under Cash Money Records’ roster, the artist formerly known as Breeze is exploding as Eighty8 in the rap game.

We also had the honor of catching up with Eighty8 and his team in Miami in front of the Versace house. While strolling down South Beach, the multifaceted musician explains how he switched up his style after 4thand Ocean, what that opportunity meant to him and if the group would ever come together for a reunion.

“Yeah, I was in a group 4thandOcean. We signed to Warner Music Group. That was really my first stepping stones as far as music is concerned. It honestly, was my FIRST BIG accomplishment. Shout out to the O-team and everybody that was apart of that. Appreciate you. Yeah, that was amazing. So for sure! Those still the homies. You know, life is funny and sometimes people grow in different directions, and when it doesn’t happen in a bad way… it can always come back together.

Moving Through Miami With The Great 8PE

While riding through the streets of Miami, Eighty8 plays a number of beats and unreleased records for KAZI Magazine. Himself and Minnee of the magazine are caught catching a vibe. Not missing a beat, he shakes his dreads back and forth and rocks out like he’s shutting down the stage. He spits his witty wordplay over instrumentals while also rapping along with the recorded verses. Although he couldn’t confirm the EP’s track-list or release date, he confirms the delivery of dope drops. Which will be made up of several singles and videos this year. As the latest addition to Cash Money’s roster, he’s focused on carving out a unique path. One that’s completely separate from any artist involved with the label. Because of this, Eighty8 talks on his favorite track to date as a solo star bringing it back to the beginning with “Pree” until now.  

“Probably something nobody hasn’t heard yet ya feel me? Because it’s like the song’s that the fans hear are my team and I. I’m of course nothing without my team. So we have to pick what we feel the world is ready for, because it’s a whole lot of levels to this. A lot of pressure piling up! It’s getting reaall spoookkyyyy. Really spooky”.

What’s Next For Eighty8?

When asked what’s next for the booming, breakout star, Eighty8 goes on to say: 

“Rise of the Ape is the EP I’m working on now… It might progress into an album depending on how we play it. I just want people to understand it first. That’s why we’re kind of spoon-feeding them first, but we’re about to get aggressive.

More visuals, new content, more pressure and more pressure! I’m bringing the heat to keep letting the fans understand what we’re doing over here. Go stream it all! 

– Eighty8

Overall, with these back to back bangers Eighty8 showcases a taste for what’s to come as he solidifies status as 2022-2023’s one to watch! Don’t believe me? Press play on the visual to his trendy track “The Realest” here at KAZI Magazine! Lastly, let us know what you think! 



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