DYLN reveals his inspirations on his hit single “PROUD” take a dive into his life and see how it all came together

Award winning record producer and artist DYLN born Paul Dylan Mendoza to Filipino Immigrants in East LA, found himself caught up in street violence at an early age witnessing multiple shootings and police raids early off in his life.

After finding solace in the arts at a young age, DYLN found himself learning how to produce and DJ during the age of Limewire. He was 13 ripping music and smashing them together for local house parties. In high school he created a collective of dancers and artists to bring forward a new generation of creators. Unfortunately at 18 he lost two friends to the streets. One to gun violence and another to an overdose on fentanyl. This ultimately shaped his trajectory and became the driving force for DYLN to pursue music in full force.

East LA has been the hotbed for musicians over the past years as it is a special place for popular artists as well as rising stars who have begun to make their mark on the industry. With new artists exploring various styles it is important to note what DYLN has done for the scene. He has gone on two worldwide tours, titled the “Flavours Tour” and the “Ratchethouse Tour” pushing a gutter sound that blends heavy electronic elements with hip hop and R&B. He paved the way for artists such as $tupid Young, Vinny West, and Knock2 early off, pursuing the new electronic age of gutter hip hop. Something that the early Trap wave of 2015 initially kicked off DYLN ended up driving home to Los Angeles. This was made clear when he was able to debut his set for EDC Las Vegas in 2020, showcasing an amalgamation of LA elements blended with heavy electronic trap elements.

DYLN is a seasoned musician with experience spanning over 11 years. He is known for his initial rise on Soundcloud and TikTok garnering him over 60 Million streams on his mixtape series “Flavours”. His new single “PROUD” has received a large amount of radio play recently, so we asked a couple questions on his process below.

So what was the backstory behind “PROUD”

“I just wanted people to connect to the music and put a uplifting message out with it, that was first and foremost”

What message did you mean to put out?

“I wanted to put on a message on valuing loyalty and making your significant other proud”

What kind of emotions were you feeling writing the record?

“I was honestly just in a really sad place,” he continued “The beat was originally a somber club track.. then I hit up 1TakeJay and we hit the studio to lay vocals down” said DYLN.

“The rest is history”

What kind of music should we expect in the future?

“The new music I’m working on is completely different from my old stuff. I honestly popped off unintentionally on the LA sound after putting out tracks on Soundcloud but now i’m heading into a different wave”

His New Album “BoomTown” is out now, the album includes 7 songs including “PROUD” and a multitude of features from the likes of Rucci, DMB Gotti, and more.



1. BUSS IT (feat. Priceless Da Roc & Mr.Kbandz)

2. PROUD (feat. 1TakeJay & Jaye Anderson)

3. CHOOSE UP (feat. Rucci & DMB Gotti)

4. ADDICTED (feat. DCMBR & Mari Taylor)

5. TWO LATE (feat. DCMBR & MattyHndrxx)

6. NASTY (feat. Famous Uno)


See his visual for “PROUD” featuring 1TakeJay & Jaye Anderson below:

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