DVSN drops new album “A Muse in Her Feelings”

DVSN released their third album under the OVO Sound label this past Friday (April 17th), and it was unlike the others in a unique way. They presented us with an even more polished, contemporary R&B sound than present on past projects, if even possible. Sept. 5th & Morning After both had zero features, allowing the duo to carry their own very well from start to finish. In the process, they created a solid fan base and distinguished themselves in the “mood music” category. 

A Muse in Her Feelings gives us those same relatable, pouty, breakup and lust-driven vibes but this time with help from some of our favorite contemporary acts. Fan favorites such as OVO’s PARTYNEXTDOOR, Snoh Aalegra, Future, and newcomer Shantel May add to the ambiance DVSN has created within their work thus far. The most creative aspect of this album may be the way they categorized the songs into sections titled “In Her Feelings,” “Get Over It,” “3 AM: After Hours,” and “Falling in Love…Again.”

Of course, with any album, there’s a bit of doubt in your mind like “What if they blow it?” With social media quickly giving out biased and sometimes awful opinions, it is quick for an album to be deemed “trash,” even for the most prominent artists. Due to COVID-19, we are all inside (I would hope) putting music streams at a high (Editor’s Note: Streams are actually down, surprisingly), so what better time to release an album if you’re looking at the glass half full? From observation on Twitter and Instagram, DVSN surely surprised the masses. It feels as if this album will genuinely enter them into the discussion of new-age R&B. Staying true to their sound while still showing growth in production and content on this album, DVSN is leaving a footprint on this era. 

Alright, here are a few must-listen tracks if you are just getting started:

Friends” ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR From the “In Her Feelings” section,  A moody, simple track that states to stop listening to your friends. Very relatable for us twenty-somethings who have had a relationship or situationships where we let our friends’ opinions dictate how we move or react. I think we can all agree it is best to keep outside forces and friends out of your relationship business. Very fitting sound for the OVO artists.

Miss Me.” Located in the same section, this song is a personal favorite.  It is a little more mainstream for the duo as I can hear this being a single (Editor’s Note: It was one of the first singles) or played on the radio for people. With an upbeat tempo until the end of the track where things slow down, “Miss Me” makes the feeling of a regrettable breakup sound very appealing. The duo’s vocalist, Daley, sings of missing an ex and wondering if they feel the same, which is a fitting topic for mood music. 

Dangerous Cityft. Ty Dolla $ign, Buju Banton moving into the “Get Over It” section. The song immediately begins with Daley’s high pitched falsetto vocals, which I love, matched with a simple island-inspired beat. You know we all love a Ty Dolla $ign feature, as artists like to sprinkle him on songs for an instant hit. Perhaps the most shocking and fitting aspect of this lineup is Buju Banton. His deep tone takes over the track as the beat picks up a bit, encouraging the ladies to whine and move their hips. 

So What” ft. Popcaan ranks at number 2 on my favorites. The track instantly comes on like a mid-tempo club banger, made for the ladies to feel sexy and encourage a lil’ slow whine. Popcaan and DVSN make a great team setting a mood here. I can see women digging this track.

Keep It Going” Everyone can appreciate at least one dance track on an album. In the section “3 AM: After Hours,”  it features a very upbeat tempo meant for an 80s club or a runway. With Big Freedia chiming in in the background, it automatically makes you want to bounce. Dance tracks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea and not what we are used to from DVSN, but the soft vocals, moans in the background, and complaining nature of the lyrics add to the sexiness of the album. 

Between Us” ft. Snoh Aalegra, as samples are very prevalent on this album, a fan favorite would be Usher’s “Nice & Slow.” Not only does the song sample a classic, but it features Snoh whose own 2019 album was a fantastic performance from her. Her sultry vocals meet Daley’s on top of a slower tempo and create the perfect “let’s make our way to the bed” R&B track. Snoh creates balance on the song, and the chorus sets it off from start to finish. This song could have easily fit onto Morning After or any other DVSN project. 

A Muse” As a music lover, we are all familiar with the sample used in Jay-Z‘s “Dead Presidents II,” but now imagine it being used in a slow jam?  does just that, and due to that song being an all-time favorite, it’s hard to separate the two. I will admit, I was so hung up on the beat, it took me a minute to separate the two songs. However, the song comes into its own. With less “take me to the bedroom” vibes, the song discusses making love and caring for someone in a more subtle, sensual way as compared to the more direct “Between Us.”

After listening to A Muse in Her Feelings you’ll soon want to have it on repeat. The album eludes such a calming, suave spirit, making it perfect for afternoon drives, serenading a loved one, work in the office, or wine night with friends. I find myself returning to it often lately, feeling proud of the duo as a fan. The time and creativity put into the album reveals itself with each track. A well deserved win for DVSN.

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