Dutch producer Zuhbastian Shares his Musical Plans for the Future

Sebastian Janssen, better known under his artist name “Zuhbastian” is making waves as a musical artist/producer. His work has been streamed by thousands of listeners all over the globe and he is ready to take over. Being passionate about the future the Dutchman is eager to share his long-term new plans.

Zuhbastian began his musical journey during his teens when he started producing his own music and creating rich melodies. After a while, he decided to release his material to the world. His debut EP called “Neon Pyramids” is a compilation of tracks he created over the years. 

With this music, Zuhbastian aims to inspire and wants to put out music that people truly feel to the core. Making music for the decision-makers, the big dreamers, and the deep thinkers. With his natural knack for creating and his dedication to the art, Zuhbastian is creating records that are truly different and that are sure to strike a chord with the fans. Having built up a solid amount of knowledge the artist is ready to continue his journey in the industry.

This year he released another 6-track EP containing more tracks that really stand out. Using hip-hop undertones and groovy melodies the artist amassed thousands of streams during the time. 

When asked what motivated him to pursue a career in music, he shared that he saw it as a means to leave a mark on the world that will last for a long time. He was always told to think big and chase everything so he is not backing down.

Finding a working formula between balancing music and the other aspects in life was Zuhbastian’s biggest challenge. It is not easy finding the balance between everything and simultaneously giving your 100% to music. In the coming years, Zuhbastian wants to grow his music and become internationally recognized, if not even bigger. He also aspires to create more in different genres to really expand his repertoire.

Follow him on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zuhbastian/

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1nsb6XM23e9Izu2PBBiDvx?si=lY9-5WIXRnibxLM7F21Jdw

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